Adamya is a territory in Encantadia home to the Adamyans. Adamya has many water forms (e.g. lakes, ponds, waterfalls), mystic creatures known as Mermaids and Paklongs, a mammal the size of an elephant. Adamyans are known for their creativity and hospitality. Like all the other territories in Encantadia, Adamya also has a landmark. Which are rock arts.


Their current leader is Imaw, he is very wise and like any Adamyan, can do no harm. He has the Tungkod ng Balintataw, which can view events from the pasts.

Greed of the Hathors

When Cassiopea cleaved the Inang Brilyante, the Adamyans got their share which was the Water Gem. Because of the greed of the Hathors they attacked Adamya in order to obtain the Brilyante ng Tubig, Arvak, King of Hathoria, threatened Imaw that if he doesn't give the gem he would kill every Adamyan. So, Imaw surrendered the gem to save the life of the Adamyans.

Fall of Adamya


Alena's Plans

Alena together with Awoo and Banak and Nakba adventured to Adamya with the Brilyante ng Tubig to restore Adamya like all the other kingdoms.