The sword once belonged to Heran Arkrey who named it after him. After Etheria's fall, Prince Raquim wielded it and later was passed on to Sang'gre Amihan. Since Etheria, Amihan has stopped using the sword and replaced it with the sword that appeared after the gems have existed in the time period in the past. The whereabouts of the sword is currently left unknown.


The Arkrey is the sword of Raquim, prince of Sapiro, passed to his and Mine-a's daughter, Amihan when he died. Since that, Amihan vowed to never leave the sword's side even though her mother Mine-a deprecates against that.

The sword's origin is from the Lireo volt of weapons. It is known to be one of the rarest spirit forged weapons made in Encantadia.

(Spirit forge weapons are those weapons who choose their masters. A combatant's skills are enhanced if he or she holds a spirit forge.)

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