Hello to Lira and Mira is the 16th episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The episode is the continuation of Chapter 19 of the story, revolving around the birth of Amihan and Pirena's daughters and the death of Mine-a. The official hashtag for this episode is #AvisalaLiraAtMira.


Mine-a died in Ades’ arms as a result of the arrow that was shot in her back. Amihan tried to follow the archer but was distracted by Agane. Agane tried to shot Amihan again but Amihan returns to Lireo after feeling her child is about to be born. Agane fought the archer who revealed to be Asval, who told her not to tell anything, promising her to give her some hidden riches once he became King of Sapiro. Agane reported to Hagorn what happened, but did not reveal Asval as the person behind Mine-a’s death, getting slapped by Hagorn in the face. Asval then revealed to Dagtum that the arrow he shot to Mine-a is poisonous enough to kill her, thinking that this may cause the 3 Sisters to scatter.

Both Pirena and Amihan gave birth to their daughters at the same time. Amihan named her daughter Lira while Hagorn named Pirena’s daughter Mira. Amihan, Alena and Danaya bid their farewell to Mine-a before she was taken by the butterflies to Devas. At Balaak, Arde tells Adhara that his promise to her can now be fulfilled, for she can now return to Encantadia. 

Meanwhile, Ades told Gurna to take care of Lira for she (Ades) tries to go to Hathoria to give Pirena a letter Mine-a wrote for her but Gurna decided that she be the one to go to Hathoria, much to Ades’ concern. Gurna reported the death of Mine-a to Hagorn and Pirena, shocking them. Amihan regrets that her Mother wasn’t able to see Lira and that there is no one to guide her on ruling Lireo. Ybarro consoles Alena, who told him that she is still not allowed to see him but told him about Amihan’s birth through their collective dream.

Pirena despite mourning the death of Mine-a, continued to push through of her plan; to return to Encantadia and apologize to her Sisters for the sake of their deceased mother, Mine-a.

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