Fury of Lakan is the 53rd episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. This episode begins Chapter 26. The official hashtag for this episode is #BagsikNiLakan.


Kabanata 26: Laban ng Dalawang Bilanggong Diwata.

Title translation: Chapter 26: A Fight between Two Diwata Prisonners.

Adhara and a masked Lilasari faced each other. Even if Adhara is nervous to fight, she did not show it to the Carcero Prisoners watching them. Adhara told Lilasari that they have the same situations, and they have the right to join forces to fight the one who hurts them in Carcero. with the help of the Bakunawang, Adhara told all the Carcero prisoners to ran away. After Lanzu explained what happened in Carcero to Pirena, she killed her.

Meanwhile in the world of mortals, Mira is still getting use of the things that she never discovered in Encantadia. Anthony was shocked at what Mira is doing.

The Taong Ligaw expected Hagorn to grant their freedom because the war is already over. When they asked for their freedom, Hagorn laughed and tells them he will grant their freedom from being alive before stabbing Mario and ordering the Hathors to kill the rest. While the massacre was going on, Wantuk and Pao Pao make their escape.

Asval paid Wahid a visit. Wahid's tongue accidentally slipped he used a plural term revealing that Ybarro had companions with him. Asval and his companions capture Wahid leaving him no choice but tell them their location. Even though Wahid already told them their hideout they did not set him free and brought him to Lireo to testify to Pirena where the new hideout of Amihan is.

The episode ends with Lira being drowzy and losing her hold in Lakan. As Lira falls, Lakan shouts her name.

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