Plan is the 164th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaBalak.

Plot Summary

In the Forest

As they finally escaped the wrath of the Etherians, Ariana and her brother Azulan traveled throughout the forest. As the night came, they rested for a while in order for Ariana to tend to Azulan's wounds. Still surprised, Azulan finally asked his sister about what happened to her, and how it became possible for her to be alive again, since they left her lifeless and truly dead. Ariana replied that even the women in their tribe could not believe what happened to her. But it still did, and she felt that something occupied her body. She also added that she was surprised to feel that she never lost her breath.

Ariana also informed her brother of another light that passed in her arm, making a mark. Azulan observed the symbol as Ariana showed it to him. Curious, Azulan then asked where she found the confidence to fight the enemies. Ariana however, did not know herself as well, but she said that she just felt it inside her that she needs to save Azulan and the others. Azulan then speculated that it might have something to do with the symbol in her arm, but whatever it is, he is still thankful to the Bathalang Emre for giving his sister back to him.

Ariana then said that the Bathala also saved him, in the form of the Diwata they encountered earlier. She then asked who is that Encantada, and how she was very skillful at fighting against their captors. Azulan then replied that she might be a Diwata from Lireo, and even one of the Sang'gres, the leaders of the land. She became curious, and felt happy about what his brother had said about Lireo and the Sang'gres, to which Azulan disagreed, telling his sister that she must not be happy about the Diwatas, for women in his opinion must not lead a kingdom. Ariana then questioned him that if he does not like the Diwatas, why do not they just travel to Sapiro instead. Azulan then replied that as much as he hates to ask help from Lireo, they need them more than ever, so they decided to continue their journey to the land of the Diwatas.

In Lireo

In the throne room, the young Sang'gres Lira and Mira were still suspicious on the real Hara Danaya, whom they taught as the fraud one. As they interrogated her, Hara Avria, who is still disguising herself as Danaya, saw the commotion and fled immediately. Meanwhile, Lira taught that the 'fake' Danaya was wearing a mask so she decided to try to take it out from the Hara, which made Danaya angry. She then tried to convince them that she is not the one they are looking for and asked about what happened and explain themselves. The two did not listen, but instead asked for a proof. Danaya then brought out her Brilyante to show them that she is not a fraud. After seeing this, they realized that it is their Ashti that they are accusing of. They apologized and told her that some enemy infiltrated the palace and pretended to be her.

As they were talking, Hara Pirena arrived, stopping Lira, and telling them that it was not the enemy whom they encountered earlier, but Pirena herself. She said that she pretended to be Danaya to test the Sang'gres if their mind is ready and vigilant against the enemies. She congratulated them for this achievement, for which Lira and Mira were grateful. Hara Danaya also did the same thing, but she immediately left because there is still a meeting for her to attend to. She then asked Pirena whether she will come in the meeting as well, to which she responded that she will follow. After the Hara of Lireo left, she asked the two Sang'gres to leave her alone. After embracing the Hara of Hathoria, they finally went back to their chambers. Pirena was left alone in the throne room, but it was known that she was not the real Pirena, but still Hara Avria, who pretended to be the Hara of Hathoria in order for the Diwatas to not be suspicious. She then vanished and returned to Etheria.

Afterwards, Lira returned to the treasure room. As she looked on the Brilyante of her mother, Amihan, she reflected on how she admired the former Hara for using the Brilyante and how it reminds Lira of her whenever she sees it. Lira also said that she will be proud of herself if she could somehow achieve even the half of the bravery, skills, and power Amihan had achieved before. She deeply expressed to the Brilyante that she idolizes her mother now and always, and that nothing has changed from her feelings.

In the palace hallway, Nunong Imaw was talking to Hara Pirena about having a feeling that it will not take long before they finally meet the new keepers that Cassiopea had searched. The Hara agreed to the old chief of Adamya because she also wanted find out what kind of power do they have compared to the two Sang'gres. Imaw then asked Pirena if she was jealous for the new saviors, and the latter replied that it will not be fair for Mira and Lira if Cassiopea will not choose them. She was then advised by the Nuno to trust Cassiopea and her process, because Imaw firmly believes that whoever will be chosen will be the rightful ones. Pirena then took her leave and Imaw then reflected on how there is not one single sign that Mira and Lira will be one of the new keepers and what will it mean for the Sang'gres.

Back in the Sang'gres' chambers, Lira and Mira were sleeping when suddenly, Lira woke up unexpectedly. It was a bad dream, as Lira saw the two of them being taken away by someone and killing them. Frightened, she tried to wake up Mira from her slumber but the Sang'gre was too tired to come with her. With no one else to turn to, she took her shoal and went outside to get some air. As she looked outside the palace, Hara Avria arrived and greeted Lira, telling her to come with the Hara, and they immediately vanished. As they left, Lira's shoal fell. Later on, Mira was looking for her 'bessy' when she saw Lira's shoal on the balcony of the palace. Felt that the other Sang'gre might be in danger, she thought that she needs to do something now.

Back in the main hall (the throne room), the Diwatas, the Rama of Sapiro, and the council of Encatada with Nunong Imaw were having a meeting to talk about the strategies that they will do to their towers and adding more spies near Etheria. They also formed a group that will walk around the whole Encantadia to find out what is happening to their other allies. Soon after, Sang'gre Alena arrived in the hall, asking about what she heard about Etheria. The Haras were glad of her return to Lireo, to which the Sang'gre informed them about what happened to her along the way. Alena then asked what does Etheria have to do with this. She was then told of all the events that happened in her absence and realized that there are more trouble coming. After hearing all of the stories, Alena cannot believe that the first Encantados have returned to fight against them.

As they were still talking, Mira immediately went in the throne room to ask them for help because Lira is missing. Her father Ybrahim asked Nunong Imaw to find out what happened to her daughter. The staff then showed that Avria abducted Lira, which caused Ybrahim to plead to the old Sang'gres to help him find Lira. It was then decided that Pirena and Alena will accompany Ybrahim while Hara Danaya will stay in the palace to defend it against the enemies.

Avria then took Lira to the forest near the palace. Seeing that this is the perfect time to defend herself from an enemy, Lira declared to the Hara that she is not afraid of her. She then used the power of her voice to attack Avria. The Hara of Etheria fell into her knees, in pain. However, it did not last long, because Avria also used the same power to defeat the young Sang'gre. She then explained to Lira that the Etherians were the first beings to use the power of the voice, for they were the first civilization that was formed, grew, and spread all over the whole Encantadia. That is the reason why Lira cannot use it against her. Still determined, the Sang'gre used her other powers, but Avria was unharmed, who even mocked it and compared it as just a very small amount of her full power. She then attacked Lira with her power, choking the Sang'gre as she floated into the air.

Meanwhile, the Diwatas and Ybrahim were now in the forest to look for Lira. Alena then thought that the Brilyantes only took them to the spot where they are now. Ybrahim then asked the two if they could command the Brilyantes to track down Lira and Avria, but they failed to do so, with Pirena saying that Avria can manipulate their power. In frustration, Ybrahim called out Avria to come out and face them. Back in the palace, Danaya accompanied Mira in the Sang'gres' chambers. After seeing that her 'Hadiya' was worried for her cousin, whom she already treated as her real sister, the Hara of Lireo embraced her, ensuring Mira that Lira will return to Lireo unharmed.

Back in the forest, Avria was slowly taking Lira's life away from her. Coincidentally, Paopao passed by and saw the whole commotion. Feeling that he needs to help the Diwata in trouble, he took his baseball bat, threw a rock, and batted it against Avria's back, making her lose control over Lira. Pirena, Alena, and Ybrahim then heard an explosion, thinking that this might lead them to Avria. The Hara then turned her attention to Paopao, who hid after striking her. Avria then put him on a spell to come near him. She felt that Paopao was not from Encantadia, and realized that it is easy for her to dispatch him. Avria used her power again to kill him, but she was stopped by Hara Pirena. As they arrived, Alena greeted the Queen of Etheria and used her power against her, making her disappear. Moments later, she re-appeared, now in her warrior armor, ready to attack the Diwatas and the Sapiryan. Ybrahim first attacked her, but since she only wanted to face the daughters of Mine-a, she teleported him far from where the battle is going on. The two Sang'gres take on Avria after, but they proved no match for the Hara's skills. With no other choice, they used the power of their Brilyantes to drive Avria away and making her retreat to Etheria.

After the battle, Ybrahim returned back to them and tended to Lira, who was knocked unconscious. Pirena, not recognizing the adult Paopao, wondered who this being might be. She woke him up and Paopao quickly recognized her, as well as Sang'gre Alena and his Kuya Ybrahim. She also recognized Lira and tried to approach her, but Ybrahim, being protective for his daughter, kicked him. The Diwatas then realized that he might be a threat, so they asked him who he is. Paopao introduced himself once again as the once 'Batang-Ligaw' (Strayed Child) whom they took care of when he was a kid. Still suspicious, Pirena warned them that the boy might be lying, and she asked him for a proof. Paopao then took his backpack and gave them the photos of him when he was a child and showed his drawings to the Sang'gres, Lira, and Ybrahim. He then told them some of the things that happened to them before, proving that he is the real Paopao. Convinced, Lira was happy and surprised that she saw Paopao once again, to which Paopao embraced them all.

In the throne room, Hara Danaya and Mira were still waiting for the return of the others. Moments later, Lira, along with the Sang'gres, Ybrahim and Paopao have finally arrived. Mira immediately approached her cousin and embraced her. Nunong Imaw then thanked the Bathalang Emre for her safe return. Lira then said that she owes her life to her father, to her Ashtis, and especially to Paopao, who saved her from Avria. Hara Danaya then met Paopao, who in turn told her that she and her appearance has not changed at all. Tha Hara was glad for his return, but she wondered how he was able to come back to Lireo. Paopao then told her of the symbol in his arm who helped him to return to Encantadia. Nunong Imaw recognized the symbol, which is one the symbol of the Brilyantes that Cassiopea created to search for the new saviors and keepers of the five Brilyantes. He then declared that after being found by the symbol of the Brilyante ng Diwa, Paopao is now one of the chosen beings by the Brilyantes.

In Etheria

As the Hara of Etheria returned to the Etherian Palace back in the throne room, Avria reverted back to her true form after imitating Pirena's appearance to fool the Diwatas. The Bathalumang Ether suddenly appeared to her and told her that she failed to acquire any of the Brilyantes. She then told the Bathaluman that the Brilyante ng Hangin has an incantation and protection from the Diwatas, and that they are making sure that it will not fall into her hands. She also informed Ether that only the rightful keeper will be able to hold it, for which she asked the Bathaluman who that Encantada might be. Ether then told her that the former Hara Amihan's daughter, Lira, might be the next keeper of the Brilyante. The Bathaluman tried to look into the events happening in Lireo to determine who is this next keeper, and she found out that it was not Lira. The Hara tried to know who it was, but Ether cannot see, nor feel that being yet.

Hara Avria then watched Lira and Mira in Lireo as she plots her next move against the Diwatas. After determining that the two Sang'gres are the Diwatas' weakness, she realized that it would be a huge loss for them if they were the first ones to die. She laughed as she sits back to her throne, already decided her next step.

Moments later, the Mashnas of Etheria (Hera Andora, Asval, Amarro, and LilaSari), along with their soldiers and their new captives finally arrived back in the palace. LilaSari commanded the Encantados to pay their respects and kneel. Rehav Manik however, told his companions not to do it, because a Rehav of the Punjabwes never bend his knees to anyone, and no one will frighten them. The Bathalumang Ether, in her serpent form, finally appeared to all of them, causing the others, including Manik, to forcibly bend the knee.

Avria then arrived back in the throne room, to which the Bathalumang Ether greeted her. The Hara then told the Bathaluman that she tried to kill one of the young Sang'gres, but she was stopped by someone not from Encantadia, the Diwatas and the Sapiryan. She was then told not to waste her time to those beings, but instead focus her attention to her new army. Ether informed Avria that Andora and the others have returned, and they have brought the new offerings for their Hara. The Mashnas finally brought them out, and Avria looked at them. Then she used her voice, chanting a song to make them fall to her power and to command them all at will. After being hypnotized, Manik, the Hathor soldiers, and the other former captives swore their loyalty to their new Hara.

As their transformation completed, the Hara gave a speech to her new subordinates. She united them all as one and by her leadership, Avria now declared them as the new Etherians, which will help her strengthen and defend her new kingdom that only recognizes the power of the Bathalumang Ether. She now commanded them to create an army with the leadership of each Mashna of Etheria, and these four armies will start conquering lands, territories, and tribes all over Encantadia and not single one will they let pass. Every race and clan, they will conquer under the banners of Etheria until they finally claim the whole Encantadia.

As Avria laughed and everyone hailing their new leader, Amarro was quiet, worried about what is going to happen.

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