Bathala (English: God) is the 186th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaBathala.

Plot Summary

In the Forest Near Devas

Cassiopea, Nunong Imaw, and Kahlil were walking around the forest. The Hara Duri-e asked the Nuno where are they now, and he asked the Diwata if she wanted to know about the Bathalas. They then stood up in front of a huge rock, and the Nuno raised his staff to show the glowing characters all over it. He then told a story to them:

During the creation of Encantadia, there are other Bathalas that were with Emre. One of those was Keros, who chose to stay away for he was expelled in Encantadia. That is why only Emre, Arde, and Ether were the ones that was left to live on the realm.

Cassiopea then asked how the two Bathalas have found Keros, and Nunong Imaw replied that it is also the same question in his mind, and why did he allied himself with Arde and Ether to attack Devas. He then added that according to his first ancestors, Emre and Keros were friends. Whatever the conversation between the three Bathalas, they would never know, but the Nuno asked Kahlil to tell them how they managed to conquer Devas.

Kahlil's Flashback
In Devas:
Keros was alone when he arrived in Devas. What they all thought that the reason he visited was because he was a friend, so the Bathalang Emre granted his entry, not knowing his treacherous plot that they will do against him. It was already too late when they found out about the Bathala's real purpose.
In the gardens of Devas, the Bathalang Emre was standing beside the balcony, watching over the lands, when Kahlil arrived and informed him that he has a visitor. Keros then walked in front of his presence. The Bathala was happy for his friend to have came on his kingdom. The Bathala of Destruction also thought of the same way, saying that it was a good opportunity to be reunited with him once again. Emre then invited Keros inside his home, and as he turns his back on the Bathala, he was attacked by him using his powers. Emre tried to defend himself by using his own powers as well, questioning the Bathala's actions. Keros apologized, but he only needs to do it. Kahlil saw this and was about to help the Bathala, but he soon saw the presence of Arde and Ether, helping Keros to defeat the Bathala of the Diwatas, forcing himself to hide. The three Bathalas soon combined all of their powers and ultimately bested their enemy, Although Emre was not killed, he was forcibly expelled into the land of Devas, falling to realm of Encantadia as a normal Encantado. No one knows where he was, and what has happened to him.

Kahlil then added that when Emre was banished, the gates of Devas were closed, and the Ivtres that were living there were imprisoned. Cassiopea asked if it included Lira and Mira, but Kahlil, not knowing about her sister and cousin's death, was surprised to have known it from the Hara Duri-e. He then answered that he does not know if they managed to enter Devas, and what he only knew is that since the land was closed, he was not successful of returning there. The Hara Duri-e then said that because of the Bathalang Emre being gone and the fall of Devas, they cannot expect any help anymore. The Diwatas, the Sapiryans, the Hathors, and the Adamyans will revert back, and Etheria will once again rule over the the beings of the realm.

In Lireo

As the siblings Hara Danaya and Sang'gre Alena were still inside the room where the bodies of Wahid, Gilas, Lira, and Mira were kept, the Sang'gre stated that if their bodies were returned in Lireo by the Retres, there is no doubt that something has happened in Devas. Danaya then hoped for Cassiopea's immediate return, so she could answer all of their questions, since their Hadias' death. She then added that she does not want to think about the problems that they are going to face, so she pleaded to Alena to use her power to protect their Hadias. The Sang'gre then went beside their bodies and use her Brilyante to protect the young Sang'gres and their companions, so that when the right time finally come and Encantadia is finally free along with Devas, their Ivtres ould freely depart there along with the Retres, so they could ultimately rest fully. The four bodies were then shielded in the power of water as Alena and Danaya looked on.

Alena then said that from the time being, the bodies would be protected until they finally returned to Devas. However, Danaya was worried about Luna, and the Sang'gre decided that she would follow Hitano to help him return the young Diwata back in the palace. As Alena vanished, Mashna Muros, along with a soldier, came in and apologized to their Hara, for they have brought some bad news. She then asked about it, and Muros that it was a news from the secret prison of Lireo, where the soldiers is sending food for the guards. The Mashna then said that the Hara needs to find about what happened to Hagorn. The three then vanished using Danaya's Ivictus and left the chambers.

In the Secret Prison
Danaya, Muros, and the soldier have arrived in Hagorn's prison cell, and saw that the Rama Duri-e of Hathoria have finally escaped. The Mashna concured with the Hara, and added that nobody knows how he managed to do it, especially that no guards were left alive. Danaya then commented that from the start, she has been against Pirena's ideas about her father. The Mashna then asked who could have been the one who helped him escape, and where is he heading now.

In the forest near the palace of Lireo, Hagorn, who finally escaped from the prison of the Diwatas, was walking freely. He then encountered a group of Pirena's Hathor soldiers. They then asked him who he was and to introduce himself. Hagorn then asked if they could not recognize him anymore, and the soldiers immediately realized that it was their former Lord, Hagorn. A soldier then said that from what they thought, he has been dead for a long time, and he is not their King anymore, for their allegiance is with his daughter Pirena now. The Hathors proceeded to attack the Rama Duri-e, and they were easily defeated and killed by him. Afterwards, the Bathalumang Ether appeared before Hagorn and asked him to come with her, for there is a kingdom waiting for his return.

Back on Hara Pirena's chambers, she has finally woken up, and Danaya (who was watching over her) immediately approached the Hara and was relieved after she regained her consciousness. Pirena however, did not mind it and asked why did Alena stopped her, and they should have left her go after Avria. The Hara of the Diwatas then told her that they have another problem they have to talk about, and it is Pirena's father, Hagorn, who escaped from prison and was already gone. Danaya added that he managed to break out for some inexplicable reason. Pirena then thought about Avria and Ether, and speculated that they may have something to do with her father's escape. She then decided to find him, but Danaya was worried about her older sister's wealth. The Hara then told her not think about it, but what is important is that he could find him as soon as possible. As they were still talking, Muros interrupted them asked Pirena to not leave for now, especially that Cassiopea and Nunong Imaw have finally returned from their journey back from Devas.

In Etheria

In the throne room, Asval told the Bathalumang Ether that he only fears one thing: Devas. He then asked if the Bathalang Emre will not help the Diwatas, and the Bathaluman made sure that He cannot help them anymore, for she and the Bathalang Arde have already defeated him. Andora praised the Bathaluman for the news she heard, but wondered how the land of Devas fell into their hands. The Bathaluman told them about Keros and Asval asked who it was. She then informed them that he is another Bathala that were with them when they first arrived in the lands. But unlike them, Keros chose to live in an island that was separated from Encantadia, where he lived alone so he could not hurt no one because he is the Bathala of destruction. Ether also added that Keros has no ability to create anything, and only to destroy. Anything or anyone he sees, he destroys, whether it was an accident or in purpose. This made his life miserable, and the two Bathalas have used his misery for their own favor.

In Binyaan (The Dead Island)
Keros was walking around the island when he saw a pile of rocks and sat on it. The Bathala then saw a black bird flying around him. It then proceeded to land on his palm. As Keros smiled on it, the bird caught fire and burned into ashes. After seeing it disintegrate, the Bathala clenched his fist in anger, shooting fire in the air. Moments later, the Bathalang Arde appeared to Keros, prompting him to ask who it was. The Bathala then said that he cannot recognize him anymore, for someone has cursed him to be in the appearance of a dragon. Keros then recognized Arde's voice, and the Bathala concured with him, saying that they have been looking for him for a long time. He was surprised on what the Bathala has told him, and he asked who was she with. The Bathalumang Ether then appeared, making the Bathala to be cautious and on his guard. Keros asked them to not come any closer, for he does not want to hurt them. He then asked why they are not with Emre, and the Bathaluman informed him that they have been in bad terms with the Bathala, and was the one who cursed Arde to be that way. Keros cannot believe that there have been disagreements between the three, for they were more fortunate than him because they have powers without any curse, unlike him. That is why he was force to live there alone. Arde then stated that it was the reason that they came for him: to help him change his powers, in order for the Bathala to also create beings and lands. Keros then asked what would they want in exchange, and the Bathaluman replied that they want him to help them defeat Emre.

That was the reason they managed to seize Devas, for the opposite of the power of Emre was the power of Keros. She then added that she and Arde were fortunate because the Bathala granted their plead to him.

Back in their chambers, LilaSari was talking to Asval, saying that Ether was truly a powerful Bathaluman, since she managed to defeat Emre. The Mashna then replied that now they have answered the question of why the Bathala let them slay the ones he called 'the keepers'. However, he and Andora has another question in their minds. LilaSari asked about it, and the Heran came in, asking her why all of the keepers in that island did not die. She then turned around and saw Luna with Andora's soldiers. After seeing the Diwata that stabbed her in the back, LilaSari then said that it was a big mistake for her and Amarro that they save her from them. She then intended to get back at Luna, and she will be the one who will kill her. LilaSari then added that she will kill Luna the way she killed Helgad. Afterwards, she proceeded to stab the young Diwata in the abdomen. Luna looked at the blood on her hands, falling down on the bed close to her. LilaSari then rebuked her, saying that it was only one stab and she already cannot stand, for she was truly a weakling. Luna angrily shouted to her to just kill her already, and not torture her for they cannot squeeze anything from her anyway. The Diwata then promised to them that if she manages to escape, she will take them out one by one. Asval laughed in amusement while LilaSari cut him off, saying that Luna is hers. She then granted her wish, and was about to finally kill her, but Hitano (who was with a soldier being held by his sword) appeared before them and stopped LilaSari, saying she should not do that. The Hadezar then informed her that it is because the young Diwata was Deshna, her real daughter. The two were surprised to what they heard, and they both turn around to Asval and Andora.

Hitano then killed the soldier he was helding up, and turned his attention back to LilaSari. Already irate, the Diwata asked him why is he telling her that Luna is her daughter, and the Hadezar answered that it is true. She has a daughter, and it is Deshna (who was in front of her). He then added that Asval know about it, as well as Andora, and the two hid the truth from LilaSari to make use of her. The Diwata then approached Asval and put a dagger on his neck, asking him if what Hitano was saying is true. Before he could answer, Sang'gre Alena arrived and tend on Deshna. LilaSari then went to her, and asked if the Ivtre's words were true. Alena then told LilaSari to come with her so she could find out the truth. However, Asval warned her to not come with them, for they are the enemies and they will lie to her, and Avria will curse her. The three Mashnas then vanished. Bewildered, Deshna then asked Alena what does this means. Before the Sang'gre could answer, two Etherian soldiers attack Alena and Hitano, which they defeated immediately. The Hadezar then asked the two to leave with him and they all vanished.

In the throne room, Avria was waiting for the three Mashnas, who finally appeared before her. The Hara then asked what happened, and Asval informed her that Alena had attacked along with an Ivtre. She then asked where they were, and LilaSari told her that they already left. Despite making sure that they were gone, she still wants to go after them, and Avria granted it to her. As LilaSari vanished, the Hara asked what were the Diwatas' purpose of coming to the palace, and Asval answered that they came to get a captive. Avria asked who it was, and they were silent. The Hara became angry, asking why they cannot answer her question about who did they got and what do they want. Before the two Mashnas could answer, the Bathalumang Ether appeared before them, and wanted to introduce someone to them. Avria asked who is it, and Hagorn walked inside the throne room, in front of the Hara of Etheria. The Rama Duri-e looked at the two Mashnas of Etheria, with Asval being surprised of what he had seen. Hagorn then called the names of Asval and Agane, where the Heran corrected him as Andora, inside his Mashna's body. She then introduce herself as Andora, and Hagorn realized that he is now in Etheria, and that he knows someone else in the room that is from Etheria. He then turned his attention to Avria, who also greeted him, saying that who would have thought that they will once again meet.

As he smirked on the Hara, Hagorn turned his attention back to the Bathaluman, asking why did the Etherians have returned in Encantadia. Ether then answered him: so they could fill his void of fighting against the Diwatas since he was imprisoned in Lireo, which was the reason of bringing her servants back to the present time. Hagorn then declared that they are his enemies as well, and Avria then responded that she has not forgotten about it, because the Rama Duri-e was one of the Encantados in the early times who helped to bring down Etheria. Already had enough, the Bathaluman told them to forget all their past grudges with each other, and what is important is to join themselves together to defeat the Diwatas and the Sapiryans. If they manage to do it, there would be no doubt that all their enemies will fall, and her goal before will finally come true, that Encatadia will be theirs. Hagorn then angrily questioned the Bathaluman, saying that the Etherians will rule once they succeeded with their plans. Avria then made her case that it should happen and the Rama Duri-e should not refuse about it, especially that it is because of her that he escaped from his prison. Hagorn then made it clear that he does not owe anyone anything, especially from the Hara, and declared that he will not subject himself to any being, especially to the worthless Etherians. Andora was about to fight him using her mind power, but Asval stopped her. The Mashna then advised Hagorn to clear his mind, for they need her against the Diwatas. The Rama Duri-e then reviled Asval, saying that he is not like him, treacherous and coward. He also added that he will not surrender his ideals and to join their cause for they are also his enemies like Lireo and Sapiro. The Heran then asked her Hara and the Bathaluman if she could put the Rama Duri-e in his place, for which Hagorn laughed at her in amusement. Ether then stopped Andora, and told him about his imprisonment, and because of some of his weakness, he do needs Avria's help. Hagorn however, stated that he does not need anything, nor he does not need help from anyone. It may be true that he was imprisoned for a long period of time, where he found his true self, as well as his enemies. Hagorn intends to crush them all with his own ways and not relying on help of any Etherian. Avria laughed in awe from Hagorn's words and the Rama Duri-e did the same to her as well. As he was about to leave, the Bathaluman stopped him and gave him back his sword, the Bertud ni Ether (Amulet of Ether), which still possesses the same powers it had when she first gave it to him. The Rama Duri-e pulled the sword from the rock, and laughed as he looked on it and finally vanished from their presence.

After he left, Avria commented that he still has not changed, and that he still thinks highly of himself, but she does not care if he does not want to ally with her because she does not need him to defeat Lireo and its allies. The Bathaluman however, warned Avria to not speak too hastily, for she does not know her enemies well. That is why the Bathaluman needed Hagorn, and she will not tell the Hara the reason for now. Ether then promised that she will do all she can to make the Rama Duri-e of Hathoria to join them.

In the Forest

After escaping from Etheria, Luna's wounds were tended by Alena as they rested in a part of the forest. She then gave her some herbs to put in her wound. As the Sang'gre gave her information about those leaves, Luna thanked her, but she then asked that there are things that she need to explain to her. It is about LilaSari, and if Hitano's words were true about the Diwata being her mother. The Hadezar then told Alena that there was no reason anymore to hide it from her, and she needs to find out from Alena about the truth. When the Sang'gre tried to walk away, Luna pleaded to her, and Alena finally informed her that Helgad was not her true mother, for they let her adopt Luna. She then explained why, which was to protect her from her father who was threatening to take her away from her real mother, LilaSari. As the young Diwata cried, the Sang'gre added that they took her away from her mother because they wanted to make sure that she will be raised properly and for her mother to be safe against her father.

Luna reiterated her question to Alena: if what the Ivtre said was true, and that her real mother was the one who killed her adoptive mother. The Sang'gre just stared at her in lament.

Gallery for the New Characters

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