The Bertud ni Ether (English: Ether's Charm) is a weapon of god, created by the Bathalumang Ether, the goddess of Creation. It is a sword that has an ability to turn into a staff. The hilt (its handle) of the sword (or sometimes, the staff) has the depiction of the head and body of the Bathaluman in her serpent form.


During the Second Great War, the Bathalumang Ether offered the powerful sword as a gift to Hagorn, in order to help him eliminate the Ivtres (or souls) of Hara Amihan (who sacrficed herself and died to defeat Hagorn's Hadezars), and Sang'gre Alena's son, Kahlil, who both came from Devas.

After Hagorn was defeated by her daughter Pirena and the Diwatas, he lost possession of the 'Bertud' (which was returned to Ether) and he was imprisoned in the secret dungeon of Lireo for a number of years. During those times, the sword is in possession of Ether and she used it as a staff which represents her position as a Bathaluman. After the former Rama of Hathoria has escaped from his captivity with Avria's help and journeyed to Etheria, the Bathaluman returned it to Hagorn, still possessing the same power it had when she first handed it over to him.

Granted Powers and Abilities to its Wielder

  • The sword gives its user the ability to kill anyone in Encantadia, including those who came from Devas.
  • The sword can shoot energy beams.
  • The sword has the power to summon its servant which is a three headed dragon.



Encantadia- Ang bertud ni Ether08:35

Encantadia- Ang bertud ni Ether

Ether creates the Bertud for Hagorn

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