Trap is the 114th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. It continues from Chapter 34. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaBitag.

Major Events

  • When Muros, Ybarro and Aquil went to the exact location Myca told them to go to, Ybarro felt something was not right. A red smoke with a spark appeared and the Hathors arrived. Before Muros, Aquil and Ybarro fought them, they fainted. They were soon brought to the Palace of Sapiro.
  • Pirena changed her appearance to be Ybarro. Amihan looked at his forearm, and realised it was Pirena, due to the black glove she wore. She told "him" to go first, until she hits him with her Arkrey (Sword). Danaya questions her, and she repiled by saying something isn't right. When Pirena changed to her original form, she confirms her assumption. She tells Abog to take care of Pirena.
  • When Pirena woke up, she kills the troops guarding her.
  • Wahid and Wantuk gets tired from walking and they began to sleep. In the morning, the two of them wake up, with the food and water finished. At first, it was a nightmare of Lira, but it wasn't a nightmare because it really happened.
  • Awoo wakes Alena up, Amihan visits, Amihan tells Alena the Lireans' battle plan. She hopes that Alena stays in Lireo to help them.
  • Imaw catches Pao Pao making a letter, Imaw asks what it's for, Pao Pao tells Imaw about Christmas. Lira sings "Silent Night", while she is having flashbacks about her life with her adopted and real parents.
  • The bread knives provided in the feast Pirena prepared for Myca, Axilom, Kayzan (Myca's sister) and Dagtum secretly had sleeping powder.
  • Lirs helps a woodsman who has been lost in the woods for days and haven't eaten a thing, at first, she just tells him that they found the fruits over there just straight ahead, but she felt sad for the woodsman and invited him to eat the food with her. The woodsman gave her a reward, a small gold airship, then the airship grew bigger. The woodsman is revealed to be Emre in disguise.

Trivia / Speculations

  • The episode title may refer to Pirena's trap against Asval's faithful allies.
  • It may also refer to the Hathor's trap against Ybarro, Aquil and Muros.


Encantadia Teaser Ep00:30

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 114- Ang bagsik ni Hagorn

The teaser for this episode.

Encantadia- Pagbawi ng mga Hathor - Episode 11403:17

Encantadia- Pagbawi ng mga Hathor - Episode 114

Encantadia- Malalang pagtataksil ni Pirena04:51

Encantadia- Malalang pagtataksil ni Pirena

Encantadia- Parusa sa mga taksil - Episode 11403:38

Encantadia- Parusa sa mga taksil - Episode 114

Encantadia- Tulong ni Emre kay Lira - Episode 11404:58

Encantadia- Tulong ni Emre kay Lira - Episode 114

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