The Gem of Spirit is one of the five gems in Encantadia. The gem is said to possess some of the powers of the other four elemental gems. Hagorn called it the "Brilyante ng Diwa" in Selos and in Pagtugis, to date the characters now call it as "Brilyante ng Diwa". According to Ether, despite of its size, it is the most powerful gem and possesses the powers of the 4 gems.

(Before it's official name was released it was most commonly called as Ikalimang Brilyante and was called by Hagorn as Brilyante ng Ikalimang Elemento.)

Abilities granted to its keeper

So far, the seen abilities that the gem grants its keeper are:

  • Teleportation - The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between. When Pao Pao found Amihan near her point of death in the throne room, he used the gem to them teleport away.
  • Healing - the power to restore biotic organisms to their optimal health. when Pao Pao asked the brilyante to heal Amihan, all her wounds vanished.
  • Energy Blasts/Bolts - the ability to release energy on a specific target area. Hagorn used this to kill Amihan.
  • Giving extra protection / to a person - To help Amihan, [Paopao asked his brilyante to give her extra protection, which then changed her outfit.
  • Reinforcement: The ability to aid or intensify the powers of another gem.
  • Strengthen a weak soul: The ability to feed strength to a weak soul.
  • Restoration of a decayed body: Ether used this ability to restore Avria's body. (Although it takes time for the gem to accomplish this.)

Kambal Diwa

Since the keeper of the Fifth Gem is an innocent child who is still physically unable for combat, the Kambal Diwa of the gem is compelled to manifest itself into a tangible being using the keeper as a temporary vessel as he engages in lethal combat.

Timeline of its keepers


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Paopao found the Ikalimang Brilyante

When Cassiopea divided the Inang Brilyante a piece of it flew all the way to the seashore of an island and it hid itself under the sand.

The gem was found by a taong ligaw, a child whose name is Paopao while he was looking for food at the seashore. The gem refused to leave his possession after he obtained it making Paopao its first keeper.

Paopao summoned the gem to take Amihan to safety during the fall of Lireo. Paopao used the gem to completely heal Amihan's wounds and to defend her from the Hathors by projecting an energy beam.

In Pagbabanta, Cassiopea told Amihan that this is the first time a brilyante is not owned from a person in Encantadia. This brilyante is much more special as this contains some of the four gem's powers.

Because Paopao came from a different race, he felt that he did not deserve to be the gem's keeper and was willing to hand it over to Amihan but she assured him he deserves to be its keeper. Since then, Paopao in the gem's spirit guide form would help out Amihan and the others during battles.

After Cassiopea called the symbols of the gems, the symbol of the Brilyante ng Diwa arrived in the Human Realm to find its keeper. It moved around and went closer to some humans, but none of them could be the keeper. As it flies away, one human male looks in confusion on what was that. The other thought it was a bird. It appeared again in a scene when Paopao was on his way home after Paopao went to the straying portal, which did not open up for him as it did not recognize him. Even though Paopao looked around to see whether he was being followed, the symbol managed to hide itself.

When Paopao was about to be beaten up by his aunt, it appeared at the doorstep of his aunt's home, with a strong wind that the two humans felt. It comes inside and it causes them to get anxious. Paopao however, started to recognize it as he looks closely on the symbol. Her aunt returned to defend herself from the symbol, but it electrocuted her, making her run for cover. The symbol then asked Paopao if he can follow him. He then took all his belongings and finally departed from his aunt's house.

As they arrived to the wall where the straying portal once was, the guardian (Mamang Mukha, as called by Paopao) finally appeared to Paopao. It recognized the symbol of the Brilyante ng Diwa and it ultimately granted them passage to come back inside the portal for him to finally return to Encantadia and once again, to be with his second family and be the keeper of the Brilyante.


When Ybarro needed a gem to exchange for his son, the Ikalimang Brilyante is the only obtainable gem he could think of. Ybarro asked Paopao to lend him temporarily the gem to which he gladly did.

Ybrahim again held the gem after Ariana passed it on to him before she died.


The gem eventually fell into the hands of Hagorn after threatening Paopao who is held captive by him. Hagorn used the gem's powers to scare the comrades of LilaSari and combined it with the powers of the Brilyante ng Apoy for the final blow.

It was again in Hagorn's possession after killing Avria.


After his son was presented to him, Ybarro summoned the gem. He was going to give it to Pirena but Danaya appeared and snatched the gem from him. After saving Kahlil, Danaya gave the gem back to Paopao. Later in the series, the gem was then given to Danaya.



Avria (In Danaya's form) obtained the gem.

Avria's soul managed to steal the gem from the Gem Chamber in Lireo. After being revived, Ether gave the gem to her. Avria corrupted the gem making it destructive and influential in nature. It made the other gems easily obtainable in which when Avria (in Danaya's form) took them from the chamber they did not refuse her.


Avria with the gem.


Avria gave this gem to Ether before collapsing. Ether then used it to revive Avria's decayed body. She later gave it back to Avria after being revived.


During the series' climactic war, Ariana was able to call the Brilyante ng Hangin and Diwa from Hagorn's hands. But Hagorn stabbed her, and she gave them to Ybrahim.




Encantadia Ang ika-limang brilyante03:42

Encantadia Ang ika-limang brilyante

This video talks about the Ikalimang Brilyante.

Encantadia- Ang kapangyarihan ng ika-limang brilyante03:17

Encantadia- Ang kapangyarihan ng ika-limang brilyante

Encantadia- Extra protection for Amihan02:26

Encantadia- Extra protection for Amihan

Encantadia- Ang paglaki ni Paopao05:16

Encantadia- Ang paglaki ni Paopao

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