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Carcero Shoreline

Adhara and Hitano in the shoreline of Carcero

Carcero is a place located at the northeastern part of Encantadia where those Diwatas who committed grave crimes are kept in prison. There is no escape from this place and if a prisoner misbehaves, the sea serpent-like pashnea, called the Bakunawa, will devour that prisoner. Adhara was brought by Hitano to this place. The place is headed by Hafte Lanzu and chieftain, Orthana.

For entertainment purposes, battles between two prisoners are held wherein the battle only ends if one of the two has been killed.


  • In the series, only female prisoners in various ages are shown being kept in this place.

    Adhara is taken to Carcero

  • Adhara doesn't know this place existed.
  • Hitano refers to it as: "Ang bilangguan ng mga itim na diwata"
  • This place also has a sigil, a skull holding onto two bars.
  • LilaSari's cell was separated from the other cells since she is very dangerous.
  • The place is currently abandoned due to the prisoners' rebellion (led by Adhara)/escape of the prisoners.
  • Only a chief of Carcero can feed the Bakunawas guarding the island prison, though, Adhara and Myca were permitted to feed them.
  • The place where the underground Carcero prison is being shot is actually the same place where the Hathoria Throne Room is being filmed. So is the Etheria throne room.

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