CassRe is a ship between Cassiopea and Emre in Encantadia (2016). This ship only existed in the 2016 series when Emre was exiled from Devas and became an ordinary Encantado. Fans couldn't help but ship him with Cassiopea for their oozing chemistry in their normal interactions despite the possibility of a Bathala and a follower falling in love with each other being prohibited.


  • Cassiopea's last words before being killed by Arde was "E correi diu, Emre" (I Love You, Emre)
  • Emre said to Cassiopea "Babalik ako, mahal ko. Ngunit kailangan ko munang tulungan ang mga Diwata." ("I will return, my love. I have to help the Fairies first.") when he retrieved Devad back.
  • Emre called Cassiopea "Mahal kong Bathaluman" after reviving her and promoting her to a Bathaluman.



  • Its alternate ship names are EmreCass and ZoLenn.
    • ZoLenn (which stands for Zoren and Solenn) actually came from Zoren Legaspi himself during an Enca Facebook Live (last May 4, 2017) when he said that he wants to change the ship name of Emre and Cassiopea to a "more suiting one" and he came up with ZoLenn.

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