Cassiopea's Island also known as Isla Cassiopea or as Kapade is where Cassiopea resided after her reign until she divided the Inang Brilyante and was banished by Emre from Lireo. However, Emre lifted the curse and she went back to Lireo to do make her prayers there in the Island Ruins where the Statue of Emre can be found.

The Inang Brilyante was kept in a table there near Emre's statue, given by Emre himself to Cassiopea.

Its Guardian

Cassiopea's Island has a guardian, Amihan, the sister of Mine-a. She lives on the Island and serves as it's guardian by roaming around the place to see if there is an intruder.

Appearances throughout the series

The Island appears several times in the Pilot:

  • The island appears when the story begins and Imaw narrates.
  • It also appears as Amihan (Mine-a's sister) was flying a dragon then she sees something unusual in the island, then Amihan lands in the island of Cassiopea, confronting the soldiers of Adhara who were looking for Cassiopea.
  • It also appears when Adhara tries to get the Inang Brilyante from Cassiopea, which she uses to fight off Adhara's Airship Armada (Adhara's Battallion) despite knowing that she will violate Emre's order.

At the start of the second chapter:

  • Cassiopea is back in the Island after Emre removed her curse. She oftenly stays at Lireo but she does her prayers here.

Places of Interest

  • Island Ruins - this is where Emre's statue can be found; this is where Cassiopea oftentimes pray and worship Emre or give offerings to him. This is also where the table that held the Mother Gem can be found. This place basically has ruins of pillars of the Island and huge rocks, more like boulders, but a bit smaller.
  • Training Grounds - this is where the Chosen Successors of the Gems were trained. It is near the ocean and near the forest.

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