Cassiopea's Sister
"Huwag kang mag-alala aking alaga, nalalapit na ang ating pananakop sa Lupain ng mga Engkantado!" ("Don't worry my pet, we will soon conquer the Land of the Encantados!")

Cassiopea's sister is a fictional character from the Philippine Television fantasy series, Encantadia, produced by GMA Network.

She was given no name since she only appeared briefly in her Kingdom at the end of the series, so fans just referred to her as Cassiopea's identical twin sister or as Ice Queen since she rules the land of ice. She is played by Solenn Heussaff, the same actress who portrayed Cassiopea.


She is Cassiopea's identical twin and Ruler of the Domain of Ice, she has a pet owl which seems to be made of ice. She knows about Cassiopea's ambition of becoming a Bathaluman. She also plans to soon conquer the land of the Encantados; making her personality antagonistic.


  • Unlike her sister, Cassiopea, she can communicate in Tagalog using her mouth.