A Collective Dream is a dream when a Diwata will meet the father of her soon-to-be born baby boy or girl (whether the female royalty knows the person or not) in a dream.

In the royal house of Lireo there is a tradition to be done to the Queen before the dream happens: the Queen must be dressed well before she sleeps so when the dream happens, she will also be dressed well.

When the female wakes up, she will have the flower symbolizing the child on her womb (2005) or the talutot Tattoo as a sign of conception (2016).

The following are reasons why a Sang'gre and the father of it's baby meets in a dream:

  • Since a Sang'gre/Royalty is different from other beings.
  • Since the dream has Emre's blessings.
  • And lastly, because it would be more sacred for them to meet in a dream.