Dakila is one of the supporting characters and protagonists produced by GMA Network for the Mulawin saga. He also appeared in the First Book of Encantadia (2005) and was mentioned in Encantadia (2016). He is played by Filipino actor, Mr. Eddie Gutierrez.

Connection to Encantadia


When Lira got killed by Hagorn, Danaya transfers Lira away from the butterflies fetching her, when suddenly, Dakila and Bagwis arrive. Danaya runs to them and asks for help. They take Lira's body to the highest point of Avila so that the butterflies will have a hard time to get to Lira. As they arrive, it didn't take a long time, butterflies started coming at Lira. Danaya doesn't let the butterflies near Lira, she kept on driving them away but they always come back. Dakila tells Danaya that Lira's soul has already left her body and is traveling to Devas. As Danaya grieves for Lira, Dakila tells her that there is still a way to bring back Lira's life. However, it is risky, as the way to bring back Lira's life is in Halconia. They must retrieve a "cure" from an Encantado imprisoned in Halconia. Bagwis then accompanies Danaya to Halconia. While Dakila stays in Avila to guard Lira.

20170713 140335

Bagwis and Dakila are headed towards Danaya and Lira's location

As the two successfully arrive from Halconia, Danaya wastes no time and spreads the powder/dust on Lira. After quite a while, Danaya gets impatient and tells Dakila that nothing seems to be happening. Dakila tells her to wait for a bit longer. They leave for a while and wait. As they returned, Lira's hand suddenly moves. She then wakes up and sees Danaya and the Mulawins. Lira insists of leaving Avila but Dakila tells her to rest first for a while.


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