Danaya-Sari is the 109th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. It continues from Chapter 34. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaDanayaSari.

Major Events

  • When Danaya and LilaSari combine their powers, they combine into one person (which looks like Danaya from the 2005 series). The fused entity identifies herself as DanayaSari.
  • LilaSari refuses to live in Lireo and be their alliance as LilaSari's mindset of life has been changed due to Deshna. She wants to live a peaceful life with Hitano and Deshna.
  • LilaSari gives Amihan the Brilyante ng Tubig. Hagorn plans to find LilaSari to obtain the Brilyante. Alena receives the Brilyante from Amihan after talking for a while.
  • Pirena, Asval, and the former Carcero prisoners arrive at The Palace of Sapiro. They fought with Wantuk, Ybarro and the soliders for a while, until Wahid and some of the Barbaros arrive, with the help of Muyak spreading the word that Sapiro has been invaded.
  • Ether meets Alena. Ether tries to strike a deal with her by telling Alena to worship her as a Bathaluman, Alena gets more power other than the Brilyante ng Tubig.


Encantadia Teaser Ep00:31

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 109- DanayaSari

The teaser for this episode.

Encantadia- Pagsilang kay Danaya-Sari04:42

Encantadia- Pagsilang kay Danaya-Sari

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