De-jar is the name of the weapon of the Bathalumang Haliya. It is a three-pronged spear and a God-weapon . De-jar is an enchant word that when translated means "isinumpa" (cursed).



Haliya showing to Emre and Cassiopea the features of her weapon.


The Bathalumang Haliya once fell in-loved an encantado named Hamir. She wholeheartedly gave him everything he desired and even entrusted to him the De-jar, to act as a gatekey for him to see her at the moon.

There came a night when Hamir left and never came back to the moon. Haliya decided to venture out to find him; she found Hamir with his wife and daughter at the newly built kingdom of Sapiro. Enraged, Haliya curses Hamir's daughter to have a face that can kill anyone if they look at it (which was Lilasari). After Hamir and his wife Halisha dies of Lilasari's curse, Haliya returns with her weapon to the moon and created a second moon to stay to act as her new home, as the first one she stayed at reminds her of her betrayed love.

When Haliya lived in the second moon, she decided that she does not need it anymore and got rid of it by throwing it to the world of Encantadia.

Powers and Abilities

De-jar is a very powerful god weapon, that rivals or can be theorized to be more powerful than the weapons, Kabilan, Avatar and Kamao ni Emre/Tagapaglingkod or can even be considered as the most powerful weapon in Encantadia. Near the end of the series, it is one of the most coveted objects in the Encantadia universe along side with the elemental gems.

Energy Projection - The power to unleash powerful beams/balls of energy that can cause or inflict harm to anyone. Since this is a god weapon, it can be powerful enough to match the energy bolts released by an elemental gem.

Shield - The De-jar also have the ability to erect powerful defense barriers that can protect its wielder or place it into someone or something to ensure safety and defense.

Curse Bestowal - This weapon can also be used as a conduit to place a powerful curse to someone or something. Haliya once used this weapon to put a curse on the infant, Lilasari to have a beautiful yet, cursed face.

Shapeshift - De-jar, in its idle form is a scepter with a pointed end rising on a crescent moon-like metal feature, but when its weilder decided to use its power, it can transform into a more longer form, with an appearance of a three pointed spear.

Creation - Haliya once used this weapon to create a second moon where she decided to formally settle for eternity.