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De-jar is the name of the weapon of the Bathalumang Haliya. It is a trident (three-pronged spear) that symbolizes the element of Water. De-jar is an enchant word that when translated means "isinumpa" (cursed).



Haliya showing to Emre and Cassiopea the features of her weapon.

It's backstory was not yet revealed by Haliya because she said that it would just bring back memories she doesn't want to remember as it would bring much pain on her. The "memory" Haliya states might be the legend Amarro has told LilaSari, that the moons of Encantadia are two because the Bathaluman that lives there (Haliya) is lovelorn.

When Haliya lived in the Twin Moons she decided that she does not need it anymore and got rid of it.


  • Defense - It is said to be used for defense and has immense powers that are still waiting to be unleashed.
  • Creation - Haliya used it once to create a second moon to stay at.
  • Energy Projection
  • Curse Bestowal
  • Shielding a place


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