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The Diwata are a fictional race in the fantasy television series Encantadia produced by GMA Network.

Diwatas are a race of supernatural living beings in Encantadia, a dimension beyond the human world. Some diwatas have pointed ears like elves, like Cassiopeia, and some resemble fairies, like Muyak, but many of them are human-like. All diwatas and encantados reside in the Kingdom of Lireo.

The Diwatas are the fairest of all people from Encantadia. They do not seem to grow old, and can only die in battle or in deep sickness.


  • Sang'gres- Lirean Royalty are mostly females (an exception is Kahlil). They have the Lirean symbol on their left shoulder or the symbol of Air. Sang'gres have special abilities and powers like teleportation and energy beams. They are the fairest Diwatas in Lireo.
  • Elves- Elves are common denizens of Lireo. They are exactly human like but with pointed ears, they are different to normal Diwatas as Elves have powers like Sang'gres. The most notable elves in the Encantadia series are Cassiopeia and Ornia.
  • Fairies or Pixies- Small creatures that resemble humans but with butterfly wings.
  • Lireans- Male warriors of Lireo.

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