Doubt is the 178th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaDuda.

Plot Summary

In Etheria

As Asval found that it was Hara Danaya (who is still in Avria's body), he attacked her with his weapon and the Hara dodged it. She then got the upper hand on the Mashna, who fell down after getting beat. As she saw the Bathalumang Ether appeared once again, Danaya then wasted no opportunity and used her Ivictus to leave the palace. Asval then got back up as the Bathaluman said that the Hara cannot escape easily using her power, for Etheria was enveloped with magic. Moments later, she re-appeared behind the Mashna. The Bathaluman tried to attack Danaya using her tail but she manages go throughout the door of the room. She was then followed by Asval.

Danaya has finally escaped the palace and was not outside of it in the forest. However, she was met by Amarro and LilaSari, who thought it was the real Avria because of her appearance. The Diwata asked her Hara why is she rushing, and if there are enemies who are attacking the kingdom. Asval then caught up with them, and revealed that it was not their Hara, but instead, an enemy. The three Mashnas draw their weapons to the Hara of the Diwatas, but Danaya dodged them all. As Asval was about to strike her with his axe, the Hara vanished from them. Amarro then asked who it was and Asval told them that it was Danaya, and he is sure that she will try to return to Lireo.

Back in the palace, Asval is in the presence of the Bathalumang Ether. She chastised him for failing to bring the real Danaya back. The Mashna apologized if the Bathaluman would want to punish him, but Ether declined. She then told Asval not to worry, for Danaya cannot bring a threat to their plans and she would handle the Hara of the Diwatas herself. As the Bathaluman watched Danaya trying to convince Pirena and the others, she uttered an incantation that takes out the Diwata's voice so she cannot speak about anything at all. She then saw what happened to the Diwata, and laughed in amusement. Asval asked about it, and the Bathalumang Ether replied that Danaya is now making a fool of herself in front of the Diwatas back in Lireo. She declared that even if the Hara is now back on her land, no one will still believe her now.

In the Tree of Life

As Evades looked on the Puno ng Buhay, he is hoping that Pirena would successfully tell everyone about his warning. Moments later, Hitano arrived in his place, asking for the Etherian's help. Evades called him an exceptional Hadezar, for he can make his heart feel things again. He then said that this was Hitano's purpose of coming to him. Hitano asked about the fruit of his tree, and if it could bring back LilaSari's memories again. Evades apologized to the Hadezar, for unfortunately, the fruits cannot give back lost memories, but he told him not to worry, because whatever memories were forcibly forgetting in the mind, the heart never does. He then advised Hitano to let LilaSari figure out to herself to find a solution to her problem, because for now, his help is more needed at Lireo and the Diwatas. Evades commanded him to go back to his kingdom.

Afterwards, Hera Andora has finally arrived to the location of the tree. She then called Evades and asked where he was, and to show himself. As the Heran repeated her demands, the Etherian appeared to her back, asking what is his fellow Etherian wanted. Andora turned around and saw him, saying that he may have forgotten his own origin. She then said that the Hara Avria has a message for him. Evades asked about it, and he was stabbed by the Heran in the abdomen, killing him. Andora then said that he should not meddle or ally himself to any Diwata, as Avria told her. As Evades finally died, the leaves and the fruits of the Tree of Life started to dry up and fall, and the tree itself died as well, turning dark.

In Cassiopea's Island
The Hara Duri-e Cassiopea was sleeping at her tent when she suddenly woke up. She had felt something impudent. As she rises and went out, Cassiopea learned that the tree of Evades is now lifeless. She then thought of something. She vanished quickly after uttering the Etherian's name.

Moments later, Cassiopea has finally arrived to the Tree of Life. She saw it dead, along with Evades, who is still lying down next to it, lifeless. The Hara Duri-e felt sorry about what happened to him and she hoped that his Ivtre's journey to Devas may be peaceful. Cassiopea then gathered flowers around the tree and put around the body of Evades. As the Hara Duri-e finished her work, she called the Retres to lead the Ivtre of the Etherian in the kingdom of Devas. She told them to take care of the body of her 'Nuno'. Cassiopea then decided that she needs to return to Lireo to warn the Sang'gres about what she was feeling: that something dark is happening in the realm and all of them are in grave danger. As the Hara Duri-e left for Lireo, the Retres have finally claimed Evades's body and they vanished.

In Lireo

In the throne room, 'Hara Danaya' commanded the Mashna Muros bring the Bandidos to their guest room for them to rest. 'She' then told the soldiers to accompany them back to their homes. As the Mashnas followed the orders and left with the Bandidos, Hara Pirena then told Hera Andora that they successfully handed over the former captives to them, and since it is already night, she may want to say goodbye and leave. The Heran asked the Hara if she might be rushing her. 'Danaya' then interfered, and said that 'she' and the Mashna of Avria will have something to talk about cooperation between the security of both Lireo and Etheria, so 'she' asked the Hara to leave them alone for 'she' could handle it 'herself'. As Pirena stood there silently, 'Danaya' approached her and grabbed Pirena by the shoulders, leading her out of the room and telling her that 'she' knows how to protect 'herself'. Pirena then stared at the Heran again, and then she finally walked away along with her Hathor. 'Danaya' commanded the damas to leave them as well.

As the two were left alone in the room, Andora told her Hara that she could read Pirena's mind, and she is doubting and she still does not trust her. The Heran also informed Avria that the Hara of Hathoria was wondering as well why 'Danaya' was having good terms with her. The Hara made sure after that she will handle Pirena. Avria then asked her Mashna to let her taste the feeling of sitting at the throne of the Hara of the Diwatas. The Heran smiles as her Hara sat alone on the throne of the palace.

Moments later, Mashna Muros returned to the throne room, for 'the Hara' has called for him. With Andora still present, 'she' then asked if the army of Lireo has enough number of soldiers and the Mashna replied yes. He was about to continue what he is going to say but 'Danaya' stopped him, saying that 'she' does need his opinions. 'She' stated that if they do have a great numnber, 'she' wants to help Etheria. 'The Hara' then commanded Muros to give the kingdom some of their soldiers, so that they could have their own army. Confused, Muros then questioned it, saying that their allies will not like what 'she' is ordering him to do, but the 'Hara' told the Mashna to just follow 'her' orders. As he looked at Abog, who was with him, he bowed and followed the orders of 'Danaya'.

Outside the gates, Muros and the army 'Danaya' had requested, along with Hara Pirena have already gathered. The Mashna the said that he knows that the men do not want to be away with their families, but the 'Hara' is ordering them to help the Etherians by sending an army to defend their kingdom in accordance with their agreement. As he was talking, Rama Ybrahim, Mashna Mayca, Kayzan, and some of the Sapiryan soldiers have arrived to Lireo. The Rama then asked if this really was the orders of 'the Hara', and Muros was also wondering about it, but he cannot disobey 'Danaya's' orders. Pirena then became fazed, saying that 'her sister's' actions were somehow troubling, and she cannot understand why 'she' trusts and gives help to the Etherians too much.

Back in the throne room, Avria and Andora was in a front of the map, plotting their plan to destroy the Diwatas. The Heran told the Hara that Lireo has many towers and gates, and they must move immediately to minimize them. Avria then told her not to rush. Andora then said that her mind can hear that 'her' sister and the Rama of Sapiro are coming. 'Danaya' asked the Heran to leave for a while and she vanished from 'her' presence. Not long after, Pirena, Ybrahim and the others arrived at the throne room, saying that they have been looking for 'her'.'Danaya' asked what can 'she' do for 'her' Apue, and the Hara asked about 'her' command to Mashna Muros of sending an army to Etheria. She then said that they have not talked about this kind of matter. 'Danaya' apologized, and responded that Pirena has also an army of her own. 'She' questioned the Hara if she meddled with how she would rule her kingdom. As Pirena stood there, baffled, Ybrahim spoke to 'her', saying that he is siding to the Hara of Hathotia in this matter, especially if Sapiro and Hathoria will be troubled if Etheria will have its own army. 'Danaya' then asked that if they have any concern for the kingdom, after releasing their captives and they lost the ability to defend themselves. Now that they had an agreement with them, it is only right that the Diwatas should also help the Etherians, just like how they helped Hathoria or Sapiro, just in case their kingdom needed aid.

'Danaya' again asked why they should refuse to give help to the kingdom, and Pirena replied that Evades have warned her that an enemy will enter Lireo. The Hara also added that the being will pretend to be good, but it will be a real enemy, and she has a presumption that what he meant was Etheria, so 'Danaya' should not give them their full support and trust because this could put them in danger. 'The Hara' however, discredited what Evades had told Pirena, asking she believed it even if it is false. The Hara then told 'her' that the Etherian is one of the oldest living beings in Encantadia, and she is sure that like Nunong Imaw or the Hara Duri-e Cassiopea, what Evades had said has a substantial interpretation, and 'Danaya' cannot just say that there is no truth in it. Ybrahim then added that there is nothing wrong for 'her' to listen to what Evades had said. 'The Hara' declared that 'she' will do this, and thanked the leaders for their concern. 'She' then wanted to be excused by asking all of them to leave the room, for 'she' have to finish other things. The others agreed and finally walked away. As they departed, Hera Andora re-appeared again and said that shortly, they will finally find out that Avria is not the real Danaya, and she must acquire the Brilyantes as soon as possible. The Hara agreed, but she turned her attention to Evades. She then left him to the Heran's hands.

Later that night, 'Hara Danaya' was on 'her' way to the treasure room when 'she' encountered Muros. "She' then asked about what 'she' is ordering him earlier, and the Mashna replied that the soldiers are now on their way. As 'she' was pleased to what 'she' heard, 'the Hara' continued her walk to the room, leaving Muros there. As the Mashna and Abog were walking away, Danaya (still in Avria's body), has finally returned back in the palace. Thinking that it was the Hara of Etheria, Muros asked her what she was doing in Lireo, and asked if 'Danaya' was in the palace. He then replied that their leader is there, which made her furious. Danaya then tried to convince him that 'she' is not their leader and they should not believe in 'her', for 'she' is a fraud. The real Hara of the Diwatas then asked the Mashna where she was and if he could bring her to 'Danaya'. Muros however, became confused and asked why is 'Avria' calling 'her Hara' a false one. Danaya then insisted that what she was saying is true, and the Mashna will find out if he brought her to 'the Hara'. As she asked where Avria was, Pirena and Ybrahim arrived as well, who, like Muros can only recognize her as the Hara of Etheria. Pirena then asked why are they going to tell her about 'her sister's' whereabouts, and what does she need from 'her'.

Avria was now finally in the table where the Brilyantes are kept. She was happy that she saw Danaya's Brilyante, which is with the other two. As she approached them more, the Hara commanded the Brilyante ng Diwa to return to her again. Strangely, the Brilyante obeyed her and now on Avria's hands again. She then asked the Brilyante about what she did to it before surrendering it to the Diwatas:

Outside the palace of Etheria, Avria, who was with the Bathalumang Ether, put an incantation inside the Brilyante ng Diwa to be under her power. It will become the way for the Hara to take the other Brilyantes. She then sang a chant in old Enchan that gives a command to the Brilyante to be corrupt and also to alter the protection of its other companions, in order for her to acquire them all. The Brilyante ng Diwa was then filled with dark magic, but it did now show when Avria surrendered it to the Diwatas.
After Danaya retrieved the Brilyante ng Diwa from the Hara of Etheria, she put it back along with her Brilyante in the treasure room. Pirena asked why she did it, and the Hara replied that she does not see any danger anymore, especially that Etheria is now on their side. Pirena however, expressed that she does not want to let go of her Brilyante for now, just like Alena, and Danaya respected her decision. As they left, the Brilyante ng Diwa has started corrupting the other two Brilyantes.

Avria then told the Brilyante that if she succeeded on poisoning it, it could have corrupted its other parts as well. She is now sure that they will now fall into her hands.

As Danaya was about to speak again, the spell of the Bathalumang Ether reached her, and now she has no voice to say anything. Pirena again asked what is happening to her and why has she not answering her questions. As Danaya tried to speak, there was no voice coming out, even she wanted them to know that she is not Avria, but instead her sister Danaya. The Hara and Ybrahim became troubled, with the Rama asking about there was no sound coming out of her. The real Hara of Lireo was now in tears as she tries to say "Listen to me! I am Danaya!", but Ybrahim said that he does not know if she was joking or it is true and asked for an explanation why she cannot say a word. Danaya desperately told them that "They have done something to me", but Muros finally stopped her. Pirena then said that she is now concerened for 'Avria', because she looked like she is loosing her sanity. The Hara asked the Mashna where 'Danaya' was, and he told her that she in the room of the Brilyantes. This alerted Danaya, saying that "You should not have let her enter the room". As no one could still decipher what she was saying, Danaya acted on her own and vanished to go to the Brilyantes. Still thinking that it was Avria, Ybrahim commanded Mashna Mayca to find her.

As Avria was about to command the Brilyantes to come with her, Danaya finally appeared before her, and tried to stop her impostor. The Hara, cursing in disgust, asked how she managed to escape Etheria. She then declared that she now needs to die. Avria used the power of the Brilyante, but she managed to dodge it using her Ivictus. As she re-appeared, Danaya took the weapon next to her. Avria asked about what could it do against her Brilyante, and Danaya said (without voice) that "There was a reason why this weapon is placed here. This is the scepter of my mother that also contains power". She then wielded it to Avria, and the Hara used the Brilyante again to deflect it to her. However, they reached a stalemate and Danaya tried striking Avria with the scepter, but she dropped it and she was defeated by the Hara of Etheria.

After being held by the her mother's scepter, Pirena, Ybrahim, and Muros came in and stopped 'Avria'. The Rama asked about what is happening, and Danaya wanted to say that Avria is trying to take the Brilyantes. As they cannot hear her at all, 'Danaya' told the leaders that 'Avria' was trying to hurt her, and 'she' wanted to take the Brilyantes, who are currently in the possession of Lireo. Danaya had enough and approaced Avria to choke him. As Pirena saw it, she stopped 'Avria' from doing so and 'she' was apprehended by Ybrahim and Muros. As she slapped and grabbed 'the Hara of Etheria' by 'her' neck, she said that she already knew that 'she' was lying about making amends with them. As 'Danaya' smiled in amusement, Pirena commanded Avria to leave the palace of the Diwatas and Lireo if 'she' does not want to get hurt. Ybrahim once again asked why 'she' cannot speak. As Danaya tried to tell her sister that she is wrong, 'Danaya' said to Pirena that 'Avria' might be pretending, and wanted them to feel sorry for 'her'. 'Danaya' then added that 'the Hara of Etheria' deceived them all, and made them believe that 'she' could be their ally, and 'she' was the one who tried to poisoned them at the feast. After learning about this, Pirena declared that from the start, she already knew about 'Avria's' true colors. And now that they all knew about 'her' plans, she will make sure that 'the Hara' will not succeed. As the Hara of Hathoria brought her Brilyante, Danaya managed to escape using her Ivictus. 'Danaya' asked Pirena why did she let 'her' escape, but the Hara stated that even she did that, they still have nothing to worry about. As long as they have all of the Brilyantes, Avria cannot defeat them. Ybrahim then asked if they are certain that 'Avria' has left Lireo, for 'she' may be wreaking havoc all over the palace. 'The Hara' then commanded Pirena to put a shield against 'Avria' and chase 'her', for she will take care of the Brilyantes. As the Hara concured with her, they all left the treasure room with the exception of 'Danaya' (the real Avria), who returned the scepter of Mine-a back to its position. Avria turned her attention back to the Brilyante ng Hangin, which was still there, and she smirked in happiness for completely fooling Pirena and the others.

Back in the throne room, Pirena appeared and asked the soldiers if 'Avria' appeared there, but they declined. She then commanded them to secure and protect the throne of Lireo. Pirena then talked to 'Avria', stating that she can still feel 'her' and the Hara knows that 'she' is still inside Lireo. After saying this, she brought her Brilyante again, commanding it to find where 'Avria' is, to let 'her' feel its power, and to ultimately expel her out of Lireo. The power of the Brilyante then left Pirena to find 'the Hara of Etheria'. Ybrahim and the others joined them, who asked if she had found 'Avria', and the Hara replied that 'she' cannot feel 'her' presence anymore and her Brilyante may have succeeded. As Muros said that the other soldiers must know about this, Pirena made sure that they must not worry because she added another barrier along the whole palace and that 'damnable Etherian' will not be able to infiltrate Lireo again. The Rama then asked that they need to inform the soldiers outside the palace, and Hara Pirena told him to go with her. Before they left, Ybrahim commanded Mashna Mayca to take care of guarding the throne room along with the other soldiers.

After escaping Pirena and the others, Danaya arrived in the meeting chambers. She then approached the table to get a scroll and a quill and wrote a letter to them:

"Pirena and Ybrahim, she is not Danaya. She is Avria. She is a fraud. I am the true Danaya, I am..."

As she was about to write more details to the scroll, the Brilyante of Pirena has found her. As she was recognized inside the body of Avria, its power glared against Danaya, who took the scroll she was writing on with her. She screamed as she was hurt by the Brilyante and was forcibly made to vanish, leading her outside the barrier that now envelops the whole Lireo. As Danaya re-appeared, she quickly tried to enter the barrier, but she failed. The Hara of Lireo realized that she cannot enter anymore, and Pirena added a new protection all over the palace, but this must not happen. Danaya tried to once again enter the barrier, but she is failing miserably, pleading that how could she not enter her own kingdom. As she was about to try again, Pirena, Muros, and Ybrahim confronted her, with the Hara saying to stop intending about 'her' plans, for she cannot enter Lireo anymore. Feeling that she does not have any choice at all, she opened the scroll she was holding and showed it to them, where her message to her sister and to the Rama was inside it.


  • Names or pronouns with single quotation marks are Avria disguising herself to the Diwatas, unless it was described in the plot that it was her in Danaya's appearance.
  • Danaya was mentioned in the plot as her own name without the quotations despite her being in Avria's body.

Teaser for the Upcoming Events

As the anthem of Lireo is being sung, the map of Encantadia and the four territories (Lireo, Sapiro, Hathoria, and Adamya) that compose it was shown. As it passed through the territories with their respective symbols of the Brilyantes, the map started to fill with blood, with the part of Adamya becoming red first, then Hathoria, Sapiro, and Lireo followed soon after. The whole map was then shown covered in blood.

Three captions were once again shown:

Aagos ang Luha - Tears Will Flow
Dadanak ang Dugo - Blood Will Pour Out
Guguho ang Pag-asa - Hope Will Crumble

Gallery for the Teasers

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