This page contains games about Encantadia.

Arcade/Strategy Type

Encantadia Blast


Unleash your inner Sang’gre with magical gems! Journey through the kingdoms of Encantadia as you match brilyantes or magical gems that represent the four elements. As you explore the realm, learn more about the Sang’gres and Prinsipes with Encantadia fun facts and trivia. Don’t forget ­­– water flows with water, fire burns with fire, air blows with air, and earth stays strong with earth. Connect three or more gems of the same color to earn points and level up. The longer the chain, the better the blast!

Encantadia Flappy Imaw


Game featuring Imaw! Join him as he flies throughout the kingdom of Encantadia!

Save Lira - Encantadia

  • Offered by: Jayson Tamayo
  • Download link: (TBA)


The most anticipated game based on the "telefantasya" Encantadia.

Play as Amihan as you venture out to save Lira from the hands of Hathors.

Packed with 22 exciting levels, you can surely enjoy the game!

Quiz/Educational Type

Encantadia Character Quiz


Avisala! Isa ka bang EncantADIK? Patunayan ang iyong galing sa pagsagot sa mga pangalan ng mga karakter sa Encantadia! Kaya mo to! Download na!

Encantadiks 2016 Trivia


Encantadiks ay ang mga taong hilig sa Panta-Seryeng Encantadia. Alamin at laruin! Kilalanin ang mga Sang'gre ng Panta-Seryeng Encantadia:

  • 1. Ynang Reyna Mine-a
  • 2. Sang'gre Pirena
  • 3. Sang'gre Amihan II
  • 4. Sang'gre Alena
  • 5. Sang'gre Danaya
  • 6. Sang'gre Lira
  • 7. Sang'gre Mira
  • 8. Cassiopea
  • 9. Sang'gre Adhara
  • 10. Sang'gre Amihan I

Ang mga Diwata:

  • 1. Aquil
  • 2. Muros
  • 3. Hitano
  • 4. Ades
  • 5. Gurna
  • 6. Lirean soldier

Kilalanin ang lambanang si Muyak, mga prinsipe at mga tao ng Sapiro, ang mga Mandirigma, mga Ascano, mga taga Hathoria at Adamyan. Kilalanin din ang mga Mulawin at alamin ang Mundo ng mga tao.
Encantadiks... Laro na!

  • Currently there are 85 levels as of the latest update.

51 Aquil 52 Earth Symbol 53 Mulawin 54 Scepter 55 Ether 56 Fire Gem 57 Avisala 58 Water Devas 59 Pirena 60 Arkrey 61 Earth Gem 62 Earth Devas 63 Danaya 64 Air Gem 65 Air Devas 66 Adamya Emblem 67 Agos 68 Air symbol 69 Arde 70 Double blade 71 Ether 72 Lireo emblem 73 Fire devas 74 Kabilan spear 75 Arde 76 Elores 77 Fire symbol 78 Emre 79 Erra Ordin 80 Hathoria 81 Kabilan sword 82 Laya 83 Mulawin Flute 84 Adhara Staff 85 Sapiro Emblem

Encantadia: Enchanta


Avisala! Learn Enchanta in Minutes with this informative app.
Enchanta is a constructed language spoken by the denizens of Encantadia.
Disclaimer: This purely fan-made app is for educational purpose only. All copyrights and trademarks used are the property of their respective owners.

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