There is no original soundtrack (OST) released yet for Encantadia. Only "Mahiwagang Puso" was released commercially through the Tunog Kapuso album released by GMA Records.

However, here is a partial list of soundtrack being played in the series:

  • "Mahiwagang Puso" (main theme)
    • Performed by Karylle and Jerome John Hughes
    • Lyrics and music by: Tats Faustino
  • "Tadhana" (the war song and ending theme of Encantadia that also has a remixed version and folk version)
    • Performed by Bayang Barrios
    • Music by: Allan Feliciano
  • "Hiling"
    • Performed and Written by Karylle
  • "Pangarap ni Lira" (Lira's Theme) *
    • Performed by Jennylyn Mercado
    • Lyrics by: Suzette Doctolero
    • Music by: Eric Torralba
    • Performed by Jennylyn Mercado
    • Lyrics by: Suzette Doctolero
    • Music by:Eric Torralba
  • "Sa Pakpak ng Paru-paro"
    • Lyrics by: Mark Reyes
    • Music by: Eric Torralba
    • Performed by: Karylle
  • "Ivo" (Lireo's Hymn/National Anthem)
    • Performed by Karylle
    • Lyrics by Suzette Doctolero
    • Music by: Allan Feliciano

Note: (*) Some of the lyrics from "Isang Bagong Mundo" is same as "Pangarap Ni Lira".


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