Etheria has four noble houses or tribes - Hera Andal, Hera Sensa, Hera Volo and Hera Aega - listed hereunder with their members. Each tribe is headed by a tribe leader except Hera Andal which is headed by the Queen of Etheria herself.

Image Etheria Hera Map

The four tribes of Etheria.

Hera Andal

The capital of Etheria and the home of the queen of Etheria, Avria. After it has fallen, the Bathalumang Ether established the kingdom and was known as New Etheria. Hera Andal is the main setting in New Etheria. Later, the kingdom was destroyed by the Sang'gres.

Hera Volo

The tribe where the military is at its finest. Also, people from this tribe can change the course of time.

  • Pirena's Etherian Armor is considered the standard armor of Volo.

Hera Sensa

The tribe of psychics. According to Hara Duri Cassiope-a, this is where Hera Andora originated from, which can clearly be seen by her psychic powers. [[File:|thumb|220x220px]]

Hera Aega

The tribe of only Etherian women. They are mostly archers and they can feel, manipulate and dictate one's emotions. Their culture is adapted from the philosophy of the Etherian huntress. The way of Aega is the way of the bow and arrow

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