Since the 2005 series, the gems' powers can be fused together in order to create a more powerful effect. Now in the 2016 series, not only can gems be fused together, they can also be fused with other powerful weapons or any power source.


Blocking one's ability

Pirena fused the Brilyante ng Apoy and the Brilyante ng Tubig to block Alena's sonokinesis powers.

Revival of a soul in Devas

Pirena and Alena fused the Brilyante ng Apoy and the Brilyante ng Tubig to fulfill the revival of Kahlil.

Element fusion

  • Supposedly, the trio were going to unite their powers only to be prevented by Hagorn. Alena was able to think of another way to stop the volcanic eruption.


Energy Beams


The gems can morph their keepers from two beings into a single being.

  • This happened when Danaya and LilaSari fused their gem's powers.
  • This happened again during the series' climactic war when the Sang'gres Danaya, Pirena, and Alena fused their gems to defeat Ether.

Full recovery

Creature creation

Eliminating a shield

  • Hagorn destroys the shield created by the Sang'gres.

Destroying a place

  • The powers of a single gem is enough to destroy a place be it a small place or a huge one like the Kingdom of Etheria. The more gems combined, the faster it will be to destroy a place.


Shielding himself/herself or group: The keeper can fuse the gem to create a stronger shield.

Shielding a place: The more gems used, the stronger the shield is that is why Danaya and Pirena opted to fuse the gems powers.

  • Though the gems were able to create the same effect, the side effect vary depending on the gem involved.
  • Take note: When Pirena used the Brilyante ng Apoy to create a shield it wasn't visible to the naked eye same with the Brilyante ng Hangin when combined wih the Brilyante ng Diwa so this could only mean that the presence of the Brilyante ng Lupa's powers in the triple fusion made the shield visible to the naked eye.

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