Absolute is the 172nd episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaGanap.

Plot Summary

In Etheria

LilaSari was walking around the palace when Hitano appeared before her and grabbed her by the arm. Still annoyed at the Hadezar, she commanded him to let go of her hand but Hitano refused, telling LilaSari she has to come with him somewhere. She asked where are they going but Hitano also declined to answer it and they finally both vanished. As it was happening, Aquil was hiding, watching them.

In the throne room, Hara Avria was having an audience with Mashna Muros, who was from Lireo to deliver a message from Hara Danaya. The Hara of Etheria, after reading the scroll, questioned why she cannot bring LilaSari to Lireo with her during the celebration in the palace. Muros then apologized but he cannot answer the Hara's question, but he is sure that LilaSari will be one of the topics she and the Hara of Lireo will talk about. After thinking about it, she then granted Danaya's wish that LilaSari will not come to Lireo, in order for it will not cause trouble during the feast. Muros thanked Hara Avria, then excused himself and finally left with his soldiers to return back to the Land of the Diwatas to bring the news. After they left, Avria thought that she does not need to bring LilaSari or any of her Mashnas anyway, for she can already handle destroying the Diwatas herself during the night of the celebration.

Moments later, the Bathalumang Ether have returned from Lireo and appeared to Avria, telling her of the information she saw. The Hara then realized that Amarro's son has a relationship with the Hara of the Diwatas. The Bathaluman then said that it was a love that should not happen and is forbidden under the laws of the Diwatas. The Hara laughed, amused at what she had learned, but this is a secret that she will not need anymore, because she then made sure to the Bathaluman that her plan that she plotted against them will succeed tomorrow; that all of the beings that will come to the celebration will be killed. The Bathaluman hoped that too as well, so that they will not need to have a war against the Diwatas to conquer Lireo and the other kingdoms.

Amarro, with Asval and LilaSari watching, presented to the Hara the offerings that they will bring to Lireo later that night. Avria complimented the beauty of its craft and said that the Diwatas will surely like them. The Mashna then asked if he could come to Lireo with her, but Hara Avria declined it, saying that Asval was already chosen to accompany her to the celebration later. As Avria and her Mashna excused themselves to prepare, Amarro told LilaSari that it was a shame that they cannot be in Lireo during the feast, for the Diwata replied that she does not want to anyway, because until now she was still confused about some things. She then asked him what happened to her daughter, if LilaSari really had named the child 'Deshna'. Amarro then asked who told her these things, and she replied that it was the Hadezar Hitano. Amarro told her to mind him no more, for he is only bothering her. The Mashna then advised LilaSari to be more careful. As Amarro had left, LilaSari was now alone in the throne room, still bewildered.

In the Forest

Asval, along with the other Etherians and the Lirean soldier, now under the spell of Avria, have arrived near the palace of Lireo. The Etherian Mashna then commanded the Diwata to make sure that he will get the job done and accomplish what he was ordered to do. Afterwards, the Lirean soldier finally made his way back to the palace of the Diwatas to do his mission.

In Ayleb

Hitano and LilaSari have finally arrived to the place where he wanted her to see, telling the Etherian that she does not need to worry for he will not hurt her. She then asked where they are now. It was their old camp in Ayleb, which Hitano explained to her as the place where their love for each other grew. This was also the place where her daughter, Deshna was born. As LilaSari repeated 'Deshna', Hitano told her that it was the name she gave her daughter back when it was an infant. However, LilaSari denied that she knows nor recognizes Deshna, but Hitano insisted that she is her daughter and asked why she cannot even remember her. As she became confused, he then asked her to think really hard. Already had enough, she attacked Hitano, grabbed his sword and held it on his neck, responding that she does not know any Deshna. She then warned the Hadezar to finally leave her alone, before she forgot that the Hara of Etheria and the Diwatas have a treaty and kill him. After LilaSari left, Hitano sat on the ground, dejected to her former beloved's words.

In Lireo

As the Diwatas were preparing for the forthcoming celebration in the palace tomorrow, Hara Danaya was with Sang'gre Alena in the Hara's chambers, discussing with the head dama about the list of food and drink that will be served during the feast. The Hara once again checked the scroll and declared that she has nothing more to add, but commanded her to make sure that everything would be ready. After the dama had left, Danaya felt that she may not get any sleep during the night because of these preparations. Alena however, asked something else; she had known that the new keepers of the Brilyantes were also invited on the feast. As the Hara said yes, the Sang'gre became worried about Luna, for she might encounter her real mother, LilaSari there, whom the one who killed her adoptive mother Helgad. She was also concerned about Luna, if she finds out the Encantada was the LilaSari who murdered Helgad (since Luna does not know her real mother's appearance). Realizing that it might cause trouble during the celebration, she asked Danaya what it is they need to do regarding this situation.

Later that night, in one of the corridors of the palace, Luna was sitting beside a window, staring outside and reflecting, when Sang'gre Alena saw her and asked her why she has not yet resting inside her chambers. Luna then told her that she was only thinking about some things. She then asked that if Helgad was not her true mother, and if she was not a Nymfa and has a real mother, then who is she. As the Sang'gre listened to her questions, Luna also inquired if her mother is still alive. Alena grabbed her hand and as they walked together, she answered her question about her true mother's status. Luna again asked why she has to wait for their training to be finished to learn about her real mother's identity, which the Sang'gre answered that there are things that still needs to be fixed for now, and that her mother have some things to change. The Encantada asked what it meant, but Alena advised her to just trust them to what they were doing and just wait for the right time to meet her mother.

In the palace kitchen, the Damas were busy preparing the food and the utensils for the celebration tomorrow. The head then saw the Encantados bringing huge jars of wine, and ask if they were the last ones. The men responded yes, and the head Dama gave them pieces of gold as a payment for their master. As they left, Wahid passed by the kitchen and asked them if he heard it correctly and those are the jars of wine. As the dama said that it was the best wine ever made in Lireo, Wahid did not agree with her, but instead asked to taste it in order for him to find out if it is true. The head dama however stopped the Barbaro from doing so, saying that it is only for the feast. After Wahid went away, the damas also left in order to prepare the main hall. As they left, the Lirean soldier who was under the spell of Hara Avria sneaked into the kitchen and saw the two jars of wine. With the opportunity on his side, he brought out the vile containing the poison Avria had made before. The soldier then poured it on the two jars, making the wine that will be served to the feast tomorrow contaminated with poison.

In the palace hallways, Muros have finally returned from Etheria and informed Hara Danaya of the news the Hara of Etheria has told him. She was pleased of what transpired between the Mashna and Hara Avria. Danaya then finally dismissed Muros, commanding her to rest for tomorrow. As he had already retired from her presence, the Hara then asked her damas to leave her alone for a while. Somewhere behind the pillars of the palace, Mashna Duri-e Aquil was watching her closely, to which the Hara had noticed. As she looked troubled, Danaya followed the path where she had seen her beloved. Outside the palace, Aquil was finally leaving Lireo when Danaya used her Ivictus to caught up with him, stopping the former Mashna from his tracks. As she called him by his name, Aquil said that yes, she disallowed him to return to the palace of the Diwatas, so he wanted to apologize for going back and he only wants to see if she was alright and in a good condition. Now that the Mashna Duri-e had already seen her, he can again return to his exile in peace. As he was leaving, Danaya grabbed Aquil in his arm, forcibly halting him. She then said the words 'I Love You' to him and let him know that she was happy seeing him, because nothing has changed and she still loves him fully. The Mashna Duri-e, happy to what he heard from her beloved Hara, turned around and shared a kiss with Danaya. As they did it, Aquil then told her that his feelings for her have not changed as well, despite saying to himself that she is already far away from him. He then declared his love for her and continued to kiss her again.

Meanwhile behind the gates of Lireo, Muyak has finally arrived in the palace of the Diwatas. As she approached them, she was stopped by the soldiers guarding it and was asked who she is. She tried her best to convince them that she is Muyak, the lambana of the Diwatas. She however, failed miserably, for the soldiers know the Lambanas as small creatures, and now the woman in front of them is an Encantada with a normal stature. Muyak once again tried to get inside, but instead, she was arrested by the soldiers and was put inside the dungeons of the palace. At the corridors, Abog and the others have encountered Mashna Muros, and informed him about the Encantada they saw. The Mashna then asked where she was and Abog directed him to the prison. He also told Muros that she was trying to introduce herself to be the Lambana, Muyak, which was strange for she is not a small creature nor has wings unlike the normal Lambanas. Muros however declined to see her, since he also thought that Muyak was just pretending based on Abog's story.

As Muyak was chained inside the prison, she thought that the beings of Encantadia cannot recognize her anymore because of her new size. She struggled to let go of the bindings while shouting for the Haras' and the Sang'gres' names. As she finally gave up, the symbol in her arm started to glow up brightly. The light in the symbol was blinding and very strong that it could be seen from outside the palace, which also saw by Danaya and Aquil. They wondered what was happening, and the Hara replied that she already needs to return to find out. They said their goodbyes to each other and left. Afterwards, the Bathalumang Ether appeared from the bushes, saying that the Diwatas, even the Hara herself, surely are weak from temptation.

As Hara Pirena, Sang'gre Alena, and Nunong Imaw proceeded where the light was coming from, they were met by the blinding flash of it. Pirena's feelings were right that it came from there. Hara Danaya then arrived and asked her sisters what was happening. Alena replied that she does not know as well, for this light also woke her up and left her chambers to see it. Pirena suggested to use the Brilyante to take out the light, but Nunong Imaw instead used his staff to reveal what was on the other end of it. It was still Muyak, who was still binded. She recognized the Haras and the Sang'gre, for which she was questioned by them on who she was. As the Nuno saw the symbol on Muyak's arm glow again, he declared that she might be the other keeper of the Brilyante that Cassiopea had found. The symbol floated and returned to Imaw's hand, disappearing like the others. Immediately after, Muyak returned from her normal stature, which made the leaders finally recognize her. Alena then commented that she cannot believe that the Lambana was also one of the keepers of the Brilyantes. Muyak was confused, but Hara Danaya made sure that they will let her know about this soon enough.

The next day, the Sang'gres and the other keepers of the Brilyante were waiting in one of the palace halls when the Haras and Nunong Imaw have came in, who is going to introduce them to another keeper of the Brilyantes. Lira then wondered who she was, since they are already five of them. Muyak then finally came out and she was introduced by the Hara to all. On the other hand, Lira was still puzzled, asking how could this be, since she is only a small Lambana. Muyak then greeted them all and the keepers did the same thing as well. As they were all surprised for her as one of the next keepers, the symbols of the Brilyante floated and moved in front of them. The symbols then glowed and it revealed Cassiopea, who had finally came back to Lireo. The two Haras greeted the Hara Duri-e for her return. She told them that her search has finally ended and the new keepers of the Brilyante are now all in Lireo, completed. Lira, Mira, and Paopao greeted her as well.

Afterwards, Cassiopea brought her hand and from it, the symbols of the Brilyantes came out once again. They saw Muyak light up, and she finallytransformed into a normal Encantada again. The former Lambana was overjoyed and she was embraced by Lira and Mira (who said that she can finally hug her). Imaw then told Cassiopea that it was a good time for her to return, so that they can finally start training the new keepers of the Brilyante. The Hara Duri-e then said that tomorrow, she come once again in the palace to take them, and for not, she must also get going as well, for she needs to prepare the place where the new keepers will train. As the first Diwata finally left, the Hara declared that it is only right for them to have a feast as a sendoff for her daughter Mira and to the other keepers of the Brilyantes.

In the main hall where the celebration is going to be held, Ariana passed by and greeted the damas who were preparing there. She then asked if she could do something that could help them. One of the damas asked her to clean the floor and was handed with materials for cleaning. As she turned around to do her errands, the other dama questioned her fellow, asking why did she told her to do those kinds of things, for which the dama answered that even she is a keeper of the Brilyante, she is also just a low kind of Punjabwe-a. The dama again told Ariana to get going, for it needs the hall needs to be clean because the leaders of Encantadia, including Rama Ybrahim, will be passing there. As the Punjabwe-a heard his name, she went on to a daydream. She thought of going down those stairs, where the Rama was waiting for her, giving her a hand, and telling her how he liked her clothes (which was wore by Hara Amihan) and how beautiful she was while wearing it. As her daydream continued, she also imagined herself with Ybrahim almost at the point of kissing her, when she was suddenly interrupted by the dama who told her to do some chores. Ariana then went back to reality, smiling while she continued cleaning the floor of the hall.

Sang'gre Alena, along with Banak and Nakba were at the meeting hall. The two Adamyans told the Sang'gre about something, which made her look worried. Alena then told them that she will return there immediately. Hara Danaya who was with Mashna Muros had heard it, asking her if she will leave, and the Sang'gre said yes, for she must attend to some things back in Adamya. She then apologized that she cannot come to the feast later, despite Danaya insisting that it is very important for her to come. However, she also insisted that she was more needed in Adamya than in Lireo, and she will have to explain it later. After saying this, the Sang'gre finally left with Banak and Nakba. As the Hara sat down, Muros thought that her sister may be hiding something from her. He then asked what was the important thing Alena had to do.

The night finally came. Back in the kitchen, the head Dama was busy commanding the other Damas to finally bring the food, for some guests have already arrived. Once again, Wahid passed by the room and went in, sneakingly approached the jars of wine and poured some for himself in a container. Afterwards, the head Dama caught her, asking what is he doing, and the Barbaro answered that he is only smelling the drink. The dama then commanded the others to bring the jars in the main hall. As she was once again distracted, Wahid grabbed a piece of bread, but he was caught by the head dama again. After the damas had left the kitchen, Wahid also did, looking at the bottle of wine that he got and declaring that he will just have to drink it later.

In the main hall, it was already full of guests, including the Haras and the soldiers. Luna and Gilas also have arrived, who were marveling at the decorations and the hall's beauty. On the other side, Lira was talking to her father Ybrahim and Wantuk, who convinced the Rama to cut his hair to be more presentable during the celebration. As Ybrahim annoyingly walked away from them (because of Lira and Wantuk's teases), Muyak meanwhile also arrived and approached Wahid, Mira and Paopao, who are now in the hall as well. As the Barbaro saw Lira alone, he walked away from them and approach her. This made Paopao jealous, despite Mira informing him that Wahid already has feelings for her cousin even before. He walked away, irritated after learning about it.

As the Rama, Azulan and some council men were talking about Etheria, Hara Pirena passed by the Punjabwe, who smiled at her while she smirked in disgust. Afterwards, Hara Danaya approached Azulan and asked about her sister, who is still not there after the other keepers have already arrived. Before Azulan could answer the Hara's question, Mashna Mayca walked beside the Hara told her that she already found who she was looking for. As she turned around, she and the others saw Ariana, in a beautiful blue gown, descending from the stairs approaching the Main Hall. All of the Diwatas and Encantados in the room, especially Rama Ybrahim, was mesmerized at her beauty and awe. Ariana however, was just looking at the him in the eyes, smiling as she approaches her way down.

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