Gimbal (English: Disturbance) is the 179th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaGimbal.

Plot Summary

In the Forest

After being expelled in Lireo, Danaya (still in Avria's body), thought that the Diwatas had finally rejected her in Lireo, for they also do not believe her. She then wondered where would she go and how could she prove to the others that she is the real Danaya. Who else can she go to and believe her, and who could feel that she is telling the truth. As she read her scroll, she remembered the time when she told Aquil that she and her sister are full-blooded, since they were born to the same father. She also remembered when her sister excused herself from the feast, for she must go to Adamya to attend to some things. Danaya finally realized that her sister, Sang'gre Alena could be her last hope.

In Adamya

Danaya arrived to Sang'gre Alena's camp in the land. As she was going to look inside the tent near her, the Sang'gre along with the Adamyans also arrived, stopping her and asking who she was. As Danaya turned around, Alena saw her as Hara Avria. She then asked her what is she doing in Adamya. With the Hara still cannot speak, she handed over the scroll to her sister. The Sang'gre opened it and read what was inside:

"Hindi siya si Danaya. Siya si Avria. Isa siyang Huwad. Ako ang tunay na Danaya."
(She is not Danaya. She is Avria. She is a fraud. I am the true Danaya)

Alena asked what it meant and Danaya mouthed that she is Danaya herself. The Sang'gre then asked her about this foolishness, and Danaya held her sister's face with her hand. As Alena stared at her, she became troubled, because that stare is the same as Danaya's. She then however, asked how could she make her believe that she is truly Danaya, despite her appearance as Avria. Danaya then turned herself into a Pashnea as a proof, but Alena is still not convinced, for Avria might also have the ability to turn herself into any creature. As she reverted back to the form of the Hara of Etheria, Alena asked her about the time they traveled somewhere to go to someone important to them. She asked Danaya who it was, and the Hara of the Diwatas went to her tent to get another scroll and a quill. She wrote something on it and she handed it to Alena. The Sang'gre then read Danaya's response:


Alena then realized that what Danaya was saying is true and she finally recognized her sister. The two siblings then embraced each other in happiness. Ater a moment, the Sang'gre asked Danaya about what happened and how her appearance was changed.

In Etheria

Avria has returned to her kingdom and she was met by Asval and Hera Andora, who asked about it. The Heran reported to her that she had already dispatched Evades. As she was talking, the Hara halted her, for she has no time to waste and she must return immediately to Lireo, especially that she does not know until when the Diwatas will believe that she is Danaya. Avria then commanded them to go to the place where the new keepers are being trained. Asval asked if her Hara knew about their whereabouts, and Avria said yes, so they must listen to what she is about to say because it is important that all of her plans must happen. Andora then said to the Hara to just say what she wants them to do.

In Cassiopea's Island

As all of the keepers finally resting and and now eating their dinner, Sang'gre Lira commented about their punishment ealier, that fetching water all night could also make them hungry. Ariana then called Lira to sit next to her, which the Sang'gre obliged. As the Nunong Imaw and Wantuk saw them, he then said that he thought that they are already sleeping. Gilas then asked him where the first Diwata was, for he wants to talk to her. The Nuno replied that Cassiopea left for Lireo for an important matter, then Wantuk added that this would make the keepers happy because they could finally rest. He directed them where the men and the women will be sleeping. As he said this, Lira complained about it, saying that it is not fair because Gilas and Paopao will be the only one sleeping in their tent, and there are five of them women that will squeeze together. The Nuno commanded them to get inside for it is getting late already. Afterwards, they said goodbye to the Nuno and head to their tents. As Lira was about to go, Paopao said "good night" to her, and the Sang'gre did the same as well. This was seen by Ariana, who asked Lira to come with her already and told Paopao to go to sleep. As they walked to their tent, the Sang'gre told the Punjabwe-a that she acts like her mother. After all of the keepers got in, Nunong Imaw and Wantuk finally headed to their tent as well.

Not far away from the tents, the four Mashnas of Etheria have arrived in the Island. Asval was relieved that there are no protection in it, and Amarro asked why the Diwatas should put any, and also asked what is their purpose there. Hera Andora told him that this is the place where the new keepers of Encantadia are being trained. After hearing this, LilaSari asked what do they need from them, and Asval responded that the Hara Avria commanded them to leave no one alive. They must kill the new keepers so that the Diwatas would not hope for any future. Amarro and LilaSari looked at each other after learning this, and she asked if the Hara did order this to them. Asval then said that they will not make a move if Avria did not command it to them. Amarro commented that this cannot happen, for the Diwatas and Etheria have an agreement for peace. Andora then answered that the peace between the two kingdoms is now over, and she believes that anytime from now, they will wage a war against them. Asval then said that before it happens, they will take out the ones who will succeed the Diwatas, and they will let them feel the pain that they are not expecting.

LilaSari then declared that this is wrong, which made Asval say that when did she learn what is right. She then remembered what Hitano said to her about not giving up on her and he will save her from the spell she was put under. She also remembered her encounters with Luna and Gilas and how they informed her that Luna was one of the keepers. Her conversation with Amarro in Etheria also crossed her mind. As she went back to reality, Amarro held on to her shoulder. The Heran then asked the two if they want to disobey the commands of their Hara. She also asked them who they want to fight more: their will to fight Avria or their true enemies. They did not answer and Asval stopped them from arguing. He then asked them all to start finding the ones they called 'protectors'. Afterwards, the four Mashnas have all vanished.

In Lireo

Outside the gates of the palace, Hara Danaya (who is still inside Hara Avria's body), was surrounded by Hara Pirena, Rama Ybrahim, and Mashna Muros, telling 'her' that they cannot be fooled by 'her' anymore. The Hara of Hathoria then brought her Brilyante and warned her that if she wanted for her life to prolong, she must leave. Without saying a word, Pirena attacked Danaya, prompting her to leave and vanish using her Ivictus. As she left, Muros told the Hara and the Rama that he already commanded the other guards to watch the palace vigilantly and to not let any Etherian enter the palace. Ybrahim agreed, but Muros asked about the army that he sent on the way to Etheria, for right now, they have now traveled far away from the land. Pirena commanded her to send some soldiers and use an Argona to catch up with the army, and to tell them to return as soon as possible. Muros contemplated, because 'his Hara' did not gave this order. As the Hara of Hathoria turned her head to the Rama, Ybrahim declared that for what 'Avria' did, this meant that the peace between them has formally ended, and therefore they are once again their enemies. After being cleared, the Mashna obeyed the Rama Ybrahim and Hara Pirena's orders.

Back in the treasure room, Avria (still in Danaya's body), is trying to command the Brilyante ng Hangin to come with her and finally take it away. As she commanded the Brilyante, all three of them (Lupa, Hangin, and Diwa) have ultimately fell into her hands. Now that she had all of them, she declared that what fight could the Diwatas do against her. As 'she' looked at 'her' new powers, Pirena returned to the room, and called 'her'. 'She' was then asked why 'she' was holding the Brilyantes and why 'she' removed it on its vessel. As 'Danaya' looked on, 'she' told her that the reason why 'she' took them is to take care of them, especially now that it was almost stolen numerous times inside the treasure room. 'She' then commented that they only leave the Brilyantes in the room during the time of peace, and now that they have enemies, it would be wise for them to just let 'her' hold them for now. As 'she' finally put the Brilyantes aside, Pirena looked on and approached her, saying that truthfully, it was also her idea, and she only cannot propose this to them because she thought that she may only be tempted of power. 'Danaya' then changed the subject, and asked if 'Avria' was already found. As she walked away, the Hara replied that 'she' was already expelled from Lireo, but 'she' once again escaped their clutches. As 'Danaya' followed her, she stated that they should have acted sooner, after 'Avria' tried to poisoned them. 'Danaya' then told her that it was her idea to determine the enemy's plans, but despite that, she was never wrong, and now they know that Etheria, especially the deceitful 'Avria', is truly an enemy.

Near the gates of Lireo, Hitano met the Mashna Duri-e Aquil (2016), who was with Rehav Manik and the other Punjabwes. The Hadezar quickly asked him what is he doing there, and why is he with the destructive soldiers of Etheria. Manik however told him to watch his words, for they are not captives of the kingdom anymore. He then told the Lirean soldiers that they have been told that their companion Azulan and his betrothed Ariana are inside the palace, and asked if they could bring him and the others to them. Aquil also asked for Danaya and where she is, for the Mashna Duri-e wants to talk to her.

In the throne room, the Hara Duri-e Cassiopea has finally arrived. She was greeted by Rama Ybrahim and his Mashnas, and said to her that if she is there to warn them, then the Hara Duri-e is already late. Cassiopea asked why, and what had transpired in Lireo. Ybrahim then explained all the events that happened, and the Hara Duri-e replied that she will not wonder about the things the Rama had said, especially that Avria is known as a traitor. Cassiopea also added that she is already expecting that the Hara of Etheria will have a desire for the Brilyantes and she may also be responsible for the death of Evades. As they were talking, Pirena and 'Danaya' came in, with the Hara hearing about what the Hara Duri-e just said. As they saw the two Haras, Cassiopea approached her and said that the Etherian is now truly dead and someone has killed him, which she cannot see on her 'Balintataw' because she is protecting itself from her eyes. This is something that only someone like Avria could do. The Hara Duri-e turned her eyes to 'Hara Danaya' who was just staring at her. Moments later, she saw 'her' eyes glow in purple. As Cassiopea called 'her' name, she was thankful that 'she' is safe, with the 'Hara' replying that it is a good thing that the Hara Duri-e has returned. 'She' then asked Pirena and Ybrahim to leave them two alone for now, for they have something important to talk about. The two then excused themselves to her, as well as the Mashnas and the soldiers.

As Cassiopea walked around the 'Hara', she wondered that she cannot read 'Danaya's' mind and asked 'her' what is she doing. She also questioned about 'Danaya' using a shield to block the Hara Duri-e from reading 'her' mind. 'The Hara' said to her that she was about 'her' creating a protection for 'herself' so that no one would ever read 'her' mind, especially that 'she' heard that Avria and the other Etherians also has this kind of power: to read minds and look at the future. 'She' then told the Hara Duri-e to not wonder about it, but they need talk about more important things. Cassiopea asked about it, and 'Danaya' told her to not talk about it in the throne room, but instead, 'she' led the Hara Duri-e to 'her' own chambers. 'She' said that what 'she' is going to ask Cassiopea is very important, so 'she' does not want the others to hear about it. It is about the new keepers, and 'she' is worried about their safety. 'Danaya' then asked about their status and where did she took them. The Hara Duri-e then told 'the Hara' not to worry, for they are safe in her home in Cassiopea's Island. As 'Danaya' walked behind Cassiopea and thanked her about the information, 'she' then used her power to knock the Hara Duri-e (of the worthless Diwatas) unconscious. Avria then told Cassiopea to sleep for a while and she will take care of the keepers herself.

Back outside the gates, a soldier informed Manik and the Punjabwes that Azulan, as well as Ariana, were not in the palace at the time. Aquil then asked for Danaya. As he was talking, Hara Pirena and Rama Ybrahim arrived and greeted Hitano. As they saw the Mashna Duri-e, the Hara asked him what is he doing there again. The Rama also drew his sword as he saw the Punjabwes, especially Rehav Manik, who attacked the keepers before. Aquil then explained to them that the Punjabwe was put under the spell of Avria, and he was not in his normal self. Manik apologized and said that they could not remember what they did to them. Pirena asked Aquil again about his purpose, for he had already talked to Danaya. However, the Mashna Duri-e denied this, for he was captured by Asval and Andora earlier, and he only managed to escape because of Manik, so he has not talked to her sister yet. After learning about this, Pirena then wondered who was the 'Aquil' that went to Lireo and talked to the Hara of the Diwatas. The Mashna Duri-e replied that he did not know, and he is only sure of one thing, he is not the Aquil Pirena was talking about. Hitano then commented that whoever it was, the being has something planned against the Hara of the Diwatas.

As Hara Pirena and Rama Ybrahim, with Hitano, Aquil and the others returning inside the palace, the Hadezar told them that maybe the reason Evades instructed him to return to Lireo is because there is trouble across the land. The Hara then commented that Avria might have something to do with what happened to him, and 'Danaya' must know about this. Ybrahim then added that 'she' is now inside 'her' chambers, and the soldier said that 'the Hara' was with Cassiopea. As they were about to head there, 'Danaya' re-appeared before them, and asked what are they (Aquil and Hitano) doing in the palace, and Pirena replied that the Mashna Duri-e wants to report to 'her' about what the Etherians did to him. As Avria turned around in fear, 'she' then asked them to talk about it in another place, and 'she' led them back into the throne room.

Rehav Manik and the Punjabwes were still outside Lireo, waiting. He then asked the soldiers why they cannot tell their Hara that they only want to come inside. One of them then answered that it was Hara Pirena's orders to remain outside first. As they were still talking, Sang'gre Alena, along with Danaya (in Avria's body) have arrived. Manik and the other Punjabwes then saw Danaya's appearance, so they tried to attack, but Alena threatened them to not hurt her sister. The Rehav asked the Sang'gre why did she called the 'Hara of Etheria' her 'Apwe' (sister). Alena then turned to Danaya and she agreed with her, saying that in the others eyes, she is still a 'Vedalje' (enemy), and therefore, she still cannot enter Lireo. She then decided to let herself confront the false 'Danaya' that her sister was talking about. She vanished and went inside the palace, leaving Danaya and the Punjbwes. Afterwards, Manik asked her why did the Sang'gre called her "Danaya", and what was happening in Lireo.

As the leaders arrived there, Pirena immediately apologized if she have to tell Ybrahim and Hitano about 'Danaya's' encounter with the Mashna Duri-e. Aquil added that this encounter did not happened, for he was captured by Asval and Andora. The Hara then informed 'the Hara' that the one who talked and pusured 'her' was not the real Aquil. Ybrahim then explained that Hitano knows that they have an enemy who has the ability to copy their appearance, and wants to find out about their plans. Almost irate, 'Danaya' asked if they thing that she would be fooled by someone that could disguise itself as another being. Ybrahim however, said that it is already Aquil himself who told them that he is not the one 'she' encountered. 'The Hara' still discredited this argument, for Aquil was proven dishonest numerous times. 'She' then let them choose which side are they on. As Aquil wanted to speak, 'Danaya' turned 'her' attention to Hitano, who questioned him that why 'the Hara' should trust the presumptions of an Ivtre. The Hadezar then answered that it is because he could sense some things that a living Encantado cannot see or comprehend. Hitano added that he knows the Hara of the Diwatas, and he knows that something is wrong with the Danaya in front of them. 'Danaya' questioned them again if they would believe a Hadezar, and there is a reason why someone like him could not enter Devas.

Pirena then defended the Hadezar, saying that Hitano has been their ally for a long time, and even the Hara herself could notice something different to her actions, which 'Danaya' questioned her as well if she also believes the Ivtre's words. As they were talking, Sang'gre Alena appeared in the room, and declared that if Pirena will not believe in Hitano, then maybe they will listen to her, for she is with the true Danaya, who is currently in Avria's body, proving that she is her real sister. She added that this is the one thing 'she' cannot do, for 'she' is not the true Danaya. The others were surprised at the Sang'gre's revelation, and made Mayca almost draw her sword, but Ybrahim halted the Mashna. Feeling that 'she' needed to show them proof, 'Danaya' brought out her Brilyante, saying that now, they could accuse 'her' of being a fraud. 'She' then asked if the Brilyante ng Lupa or the other Brilyantes will let 'her' hold them if 'she' was not the real Danaya. As she was talking, Hitano vanished and appeared closer to 'Danaya'. The Hadezar grabbed 'her' arms, saying to look at 'her', for it is only a Mafarga (an illusion). He then exposed 'Danaya's wound on 'her' arm, with Hitano saying that the real Danaya has the ability to heal herself.

As the others saw this in shock, Avria cursed the Hadezar and used her power to take him down. Ybrahim finally drew his sword and was about to attack the Hara, but she take them down using the power of the three Brilyantes. She dared them if they want a fight, and turned her attention back to Hitano, which she will see if the healing could affect someone who is already dead. Afterwards, Avria used her power to curse Hitano, and the Hadezar was being burned by it. As Pirena saw this, she used her Brilyante to blast Avria from killing Hitano. The Sang'gres then challenged her to face them, and the two both used their power to defeat Avria. However, it was not enough against the Etherian, who now has the three of the five Brilyantes. They were defeated and all of them fell on their feet.

Meanwhile in Danaya's chambers, the Hara Duri-e has finally woken up. As she remembered her fight with Avria's Ivtre, Cassiopea realized that the power that was used to her to knock her unconscious came from only one being: the Bathalumang Ether. She finally knew that it is not Danaya that she faced earlier, and the Sang'gre must know about this.

Cassiopea managed to appear next to Avria, and held the Hara with a sword on her neck. As Avria held the Brilyantes on her hands, the Hara Duri-e told her that she have already figured her deception against the Diwatas and promised her that she will not succeed. As the leaders got back on their feet, Cassiopea commanded the Brilyantes to return to its original owner. However, it disobeyed her, prompting the Hara of Etheria to say that it will not happen. Avria then reverted back to her true form and overpowered Cassiopea. She then warned them all that the fight is not over, and she vanished from all of them. As Cassiopea looked on, Pirena declared that Avria now has the three Brilyantes.

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