God is conceived of as the Supreme Being and principal object of faith. Lira, (Both the 2005 Lira and 2016 Lira) believes in Him because she was raised in the World of Mortals and adapted their principles in faith and despite returning to Encantadia and knowing the Bathalang Emre, she still believes in Him. In the 2005 series certain beliefs were shown such as the Holy Water and crucifix could dispell evil beings. Manang Rosing tried that belief on Mira thinking she's an evil spirit but was surprised it had no effect. Also, there were many images of Jesus Christ in calendars, picture frames etc. In the 2016 series the existence of God is more acknowledged even by the Bathalang Emre himself. The denizens of Encantadia address Him as the God of the Mortals because they were raised to believe Emre and the other bathalas are the supreme beings. 

He is believed by the mortals to be their Creator and of all things. An example would be Paopao, who believes that God created Emre, the four other bathalas, and the angels (presumably from the Celestial Realm).

Quotes referring to God


Sang'gre Lira
"Alam kong magulo ang Encantadia pero bakit pati si Anthony dinamay na? Pati 'yung pagmamahalan namin? Ganoon ba kalupit ang bathalang na sinasabi ninyo? Ang Diyos namin maunawain, mapagmahal. Mali ako at nagalinlangan ako. Hindi ko dapat pinaisantabi ang pag-ibig ni Anthony dapat ipinaglaban ko siya kahit na kapalit ang buong Encantadia. Inay siya ang buhay ko.
("I know that Encantadia is chaotic but why is Anthony also involved now? Our love for each other? How cruel is that god you're saying? Our God is merciful, loving. I was wrong in hesitating. I shouldn't have pushed aside Anthony's love I should have fought for him even if I had to exchange the entire Encantadia. Mother, he's my life.")


Sang'gre Lira
"Lord alam ko pong wala sa mga pangaral ang mga Diwata at Encantado, pero mabait po si Muyak huwag niyo pong hayaang may mangyaring masama sa kanya, sana Lord." ("Lord I know that Diwatas and Encantados are not part of the preachings, but Muyak is kind don't let anything bad happen to her, hopefully Lord.")
"May iba pang bathala bukod kay Emre - si God - siya ang pinakamalakas sa lahat, siya ang pinakamakapangyarihan sa lahat, siya ang pinkamataas sa lahat, siya ang gumawa ng aming mundo at ng universe, siya ang gumawa kay Emre at sa lahat ng mga anghel!" ("There is another bathala other than Emre - he's God - he is the strongest of all, he is the most powerful of all, he is the highest of all, he is the one who created our world and the universe, he is the one who created Emre and all the angels!")




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