Step is the 171st episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaHakbang.

Plot Summary

In Lireo

In the queen's chambers, Paopao, along with the other new keepers of the Brilyante reported to Hara Danaya that they have searched all over the palace for the Punjabwean-turned-Etherian, Rehav Manik, but there was no trace of him. Mashna Muros also reported that the soldiers that were stationed on the gates of Lireo have not seen anyone come out. Hara Danaya then informed all of the Encantados in the room that they now know what Avria is capable of doing: that she can use the beings that they know against them, and they will not hesitate to kill even the innocent ones. She then advised the keepers to let this be a lesson for them to be more determined and devoted to their training. As Sang'gre Lira asked about what training are they gong to face, Hara Pirena then replied that their skills are not equal to each other, and it is better for them to know each other's strengths and weaknesses.

As they were still talking, Rama Ybrahim heard something. It was a growl of a Pashnea. He asked the Haras about it and if they heard it as well. Moments later, Kayzan and the other soldiers furiously went inside the room and informed everyone there that the Pashneas are invading the palace of Lireo. Danaya thought of the shields they put all over the land, but Pirena replied that there are no shields for the Pashneas. As they saw the Argonas flying wild outside the windows of the palace, Sang'gre Mira asked if this was Lira's doing, for she denied it. Ybrahim then told everyone that they must evacuate all of the beings that are inside, but Pirena said that they are already having difficulties with the other situations in the palace, and have no time to save the others. However, Mira then asked that they will take care of evacuating everyone while they do their other duties as well. The both sides agreed with each other, with the two Haras going outside Lireo while Ybrahim, Azulan, Wahid, and Muros were left at the palace to help the others.

As the Diwatas arrived outside the palace, they encountered Awoo, who was also under the spell of Hera Andora. They tried calming him down, but Danaya's Brilyante could not talk and understand the Pashnea. However, Sang'gre Alena arrived and used the power of her Brilyante to drive Awoo away. Alena was relieved that her power could affect other Pashneas, because they have no choice but to hurt them all if it was not effective. As they looked around, the Argonas shoot fireballs on the Sang'gres and tried to attack them. Moments later, Alena and the others were attacked by a walking Pashnea. As they were about to be defeated, hara Avria arrived and used her staff and her power to apprehend the Pashnea. She then defended the Sang'gres against the other Argonas and drove them away.

Back inside the palace, Ybrahim, Muros, and the others were commanding the Diwatas of Lireo to evacuate the place as fast as they can. While Muros and Kayzan lead the others to the guard towers of Lireo, two other soldiers retrieved and gave to Rama Ybrahim the 'Arkrey', the sword of the former Hara and her beloved Amihan. As it was handed over to him, saying that the sword of the former Hara must be protected and preserved, Ariana saw it and replied that Amihan was very lucky, for even it was a long time since she passed, the Rama was still taking care of her. The confused Rama asked the Punjabwean what is she still doing in the palace and why did she followed him. He then asked her to finally leave and save herself. Ariana however, looked worried and asked about Ybrahim's safety, for the Rama replied that he can take care of himself. As he was about to walk away, he stopped, turned around and looked at Ariana, who was also staring at him straight in the eye, still concerned. After a moment, he finally left.

Meanwhile, the young Sang'gres along with Deshna and Quina advised the others to proceed on the structure which is more safe to hide from the Pashneas. Luna then asked Mira and Lira that she wants to go with their parents to fight, for she knows how to tame Argonas. Lira however, told her that what they were doing inside the palace is important as well. Mira then added that their Ashtis have more experience fighting the Pashneas and then asked about Gilas' whereabouts. Luna then became worried and asked Quina to come with her. As they continued the evacutation of the Diwatas, Paopao joined them to help.

As Luna saw Ariana and asked where her friend was, Gilas then arrived and saw them all. He then asked if the Diwatas could do something against those Pashneas that invaded the palace, for which Luna replied that they are powerful enough to fight them all. As she asked them to go, Ariana interrupted her and asked if she saw her brother Azulan. Luna said that she saw him on the other side of the palace. She then asked why Ariana was separated to him, for the Punjabwean replied that he followed Ybrahim earlier. As they were about to leave, Ariana was still not going and looked to the direction where the Ramna went. Luna then asked her if she is feeling something wrong, or is something bothering her. Ariana said no, but she informed Luna about something else. She does not know why, but she was feeling something strange for Rama Ybrahim. Luna then asked if this means that she has feelings for him, but the Punjabwean do not know if it is love, especially this was the first time that Ariana has felt this way. She was also wondering why her feelings for Ybrahim are this for they do not know each other before at all, that is why she cannot believe for what she is feeling: confused. Luna then advised her not to think about what she is feeling for him right now, but instead to come with her now.

As the keepers of the Brilyantes were now together, an Argona has shattered the windows of the palace and attacked them. As Ariana and Paopao took spears to fend off the giant Pashnea, it breathed fire balls, causing them to fall down. However, Lira used one of her incantation powers to ultimately drive the Argona away, leaving the palace along with the others.

As the Haras and Sang'gre Alena regained their footing, Avria asked if they will not thank her. Pirena then however asked if the Hara did not send those Pashneas to Lireo, which she declined, because she will not come there and fight them to save them if they did it. Alena then asked who might have done it. Avria then speculated that there are other species and Pashneas all over the realm, and their homes must have been disturbed by someone, which was the reason of their attack against them. Danaya then asked of Manik, one of the Haras captives. Avria then apologized for whatever had happened earlier, for maybe the Punjabwe wants to do something heroic, that is why he attacked the keepers. The Hara of Etheria then made sure that it will not happen again, for now she finally decided to accept their agreement with the Diwatas. As a sign of her willingness, she gave back the Brilyante ng Diwa to Hara Danaya. Sang'gre Alena then welcomed Avria, embraced her, and asked to meet Awoo. As they were busy, Danaya, who was still suspicious with Pirena, asked her if it is already safe to trust the Etherian Hara. Pirena then replied that even she surrendered the Brilyante to them, she was still feeling something wrong about her, which is also what Danaya was feeling.

Back in Hara Danaya's chambers inside the palace, Ybrahim was glad that the siblings are alright, and asked if they were successful. Alena then told the Rama that Avria was responsible for killing the wild Pashneas who tried attacked Lireo, and that the Hara also turned over the Brilyante ng Diwa back to the Diwatas, now that she finally one with them. Pirena then commented that they should not trust her fully, for she still has not allowed her captives to be released. The San'gre then added that there will be time where they can negotiate to her to free them and remove the spells from their minds. For now, they should be happy that they are all safe, which the Rama agreed. He then informed the Haras and the Sang'gre that he must return to Sapiro to tell all of his subjects that they now have nothing to worry anymore. The Rama then went out to say goodbye to Lira while Danaya followed her to bring the good news to all of them.

As Hara Pirena and Sang'gre Alena were left behind the Hara's chambers, the latter asked her older sister about thinking deeply, and if she is still not convinced about what Avria has said and done earlier. Pirena then responded that despite her actions and her sweet words, she still cannot give the Hara of Etheria her full trust. As Alena smiled, she said that Azulan may be right; the reason why she has a difficulty of trusting anyone is because her heart is hardened. Annoyed, Pirena then asked her sister not to mention the name of that Punjabwe 'fool'. Alena however commented about Azulan's build, and that his appearance and stature are very enamoring. It will not be wrong for Pirena if she will like him and that they look good together. Already irritated, the Hara of Hathoria decalred that she has no time for any man, especially like Azulan's kind. Alena smiled at her as she left, leaving Pirena wondering about what her sister had told her.

Afterwards, the new keepers of the Brilyantes along with the soldiers and other Diwatas of Lireo were told by Hara Danaya and Rama Ybrahim that they must ready, for there will be a celebration tomorrow night in the palace. Mira then asked what will the celebration be for. The Hara replied that it is for Etheria, for agreeing to have an alliance with them and to other kingdoms. They will offer them a joyful feast to celebrate the unity between them and Etheria. Ybrahim thereafter said his goodbyes to her daughter Lira to return to Sapiro in order to prepare for the feast. As the Rama and her Mashnas departed, Danaya then commanded the keepers and the other Diwatas to start preparing for the celebration. After the Hara had left, Ariana grabbed Luna and talked to her privately, asking if it would be dangerous for the Rama to return to Sapiro with their way of travel. Luna on the other hand, said that she does not know, but she told the Punjabwean not to worry, for Rama Ybrahim will be present tomorrow to join them at the feast and therefore, Ariana will see him again. After the two walked away, Lira wondered what might the two have been talking about. Mira then said to pay it no mind and reminded Lira about what the Nuno had said to them before about not arguing with the other keepers. As they were about to return to their chambers, Paopao then stopped them and asked Lira is she already has a 'date' for tomorrow night. Wahid, who was on the back of them listening, asked what does that word means. The 'Binatang Ligaw' then explained to the Barbaro its definition in the Human Realm (a person that you would be with at the feast). After reflecting on its meaning and feeling that only one of them will be chosen by Lira, Paopao and Wahid simultaneously asked the Sang'gre to be their date, which susprised Mira and her 'bessy'.

Hara Pirena was walking in the hallways of the palace when he met Nunong Imaw, who has returned back from Cassiopea's Island. As she greeted the leader of the Adamyans, she asked about news regarding the first Diwata Cassiopea. The Nuno said that there was none, but there are signs that were given to him by the Symbols of the Brilyante. Pirena asked about it, and he commented that Cassiopea may have found the other new keeper. The Hara of Hathoria then said that what the Nuno said was good, because she cannot still give her trust to the Etherians. She then explained to Imaw about what happened before Avria agreed to them, and that they should continue to prepare for anyone who might be the enemy.

Moments later, the two leaders (Hara Pirena and Nunong Imaw) were in a room for a drink. The Nuno said that not long from now and they will finally meet this new keeper the symbols of the Brilyantes have been telling them. Pirena agreed, and hoped that she would be the last one to be chosen, so that he and Cassiopea could start training all of them. Imaw then commented that he understands her lack of trust to the Etherians and he is with her, but on the other hand, he asked her to also give them a chance to prove themselves, because they will never know if the Etherians truly want to make peace with them. She concurred to the Nuno, saying that this was the reason why she did not disagreed with the celebration tomorrow, for she wants to believe if Avria was true to her word.

Near the palace, a Lirean soldier was walking around when he was suddenly ambushed by a Bandido-turned-Etherian. He was then held by Asval and the others and was commanded to come with them quietly. The Diwata surrendered and was taken away back to Etheria.

In the Forest

Rehav Manik have finally made out of the land of the Diwatas, where he was then greeted by Asval, LilaSari, and the other Etherian soldiers. He was then asked what happened to his mission, for Manik replied that he almost got caught and that he wounded the keepers but not certain if he had killed any, especially that their numbers are many. Dissapointed, Asval rebuked him for not waiting for the opportune moment, but LilaSari pacified him, for they have to stand down for now against the Diwatas because of the Hara's orders. Manik then asked about the Hara commanding them to stop the invasion of other tribes and land, and Asval responded that maybe she has a plan to destroy them all. After, they made their way back to Etheria.

In the Land of the Lambanas

Muyak was talking to the Nuno of the Lambanas about how the delay for her being a Retre has been too long already. She was in tears as she asked how the other Lambanas had already have their 'Banyuhay', while she has not, and if there will be opportunity for her again to be a Retre. The Nuno however said unfortunately, no one except her have stopped the process of her transformation, and all she could do is to wait for a couple more decades and the the Blue Moon would again rise. She then advised Muyak to once again return to Lireo and serve under the Diwatas again. Muyak declined it, though, for she already tried it but there is nothing left for her to do in the palace, and that the Diwatas do not need her anymore. As the Nuno sympathized for the Lambana, she told her that after the others' birth, she too will leave with them to be trained.

As they were talking, they heard someone who needed help. The Lambanas were being attacked by an 'Agodo' (a frog). As she realized that the infant Lambanas are in danger, she took a spear from her friend and went on to fight the Pashnea. The Nuno tried to stop her but Muyak did not do it and proceeded to go to the Agodo. As the others asked for help, the Lambana told them that she will handle it and battled the Pashnea. It was attacking her as well, wanting to catch Muyak with its tongue, until she used her spear to pierce the Agodo, killing it. The other Lambanas thanked Muyak for what she did, and as she stood there happily, something has hit Muyak from her arm, causing her to fall. As she coughed and finally got back to her feet, she wondered what is that it hit her.. When Muyak stood up, her Nuno and the other Lambanas are now smaller than her.

Muyak has grown into a regular Encantada, where her Nuno has told her that the Bathalang Emre has given her a new fate. She then felt a pain in her left arm, causing for Muyak to look at it and saw the it was a symbol. It was the symbol of Lireo that made a mark on her arm. She then asked the Nuno what this means, but the latter said that she does not know either, and it will be good for her if she goes to Lireo to find out about it. Muyak said goodbye to them and the others blessed her.

In Etheria

As Hara Avria and the Mashnas have gathered in the throne room, Amarro was talking about the importance of uniting all the kingdoms and land in the realm of Encantadia, and that this was a good thing that even Rama Duri-e Hagorn have not done before his death. After giving thanks, the Hara informed them that there will be a celebration in Lireo tomorrow for the Etheria's honor, and he asked the Mashna to prepare gifts for the Diwatas and to the other leaders of the kingdom. As he left along with the other soldiers who were also commanded by Avria, Hera Andora asked her if she is sure about this agreement, especially that it would mean that the Diwatas are the powerful beings in all of Encantadia. The Hara, though, said that this is only a show to meet the new keepers of the Brilyante and know who they are. This is also a good opportunity to prepare against them while they were pretending themselves to be friends. She then reminded them that this will not mean that the fight is over, for they should instead use their minds for now and not their power. Therefore, their enemies' defeat will be quick and swift.

Afterwards, Asval was talking to Hara Avria with LilaSari, telling her that it is not easy to inflitrate Lireo, especially now that the Diwatas has placed an incantation along the whole palace. The Hara then asked the two Mashnas to grab a Diwata or a Lirean soldier in secret, for she will do something with that being. As the two left, a guard handed the Hara something that she was asking for. It was a vial full of water. As Avria opened it, she breathed on it and said an incantation, creating a poison from the normal water. The Bathalumang Ether then appeared before her and was amazed that she also knew hot to create a poison. The Hara commented that she never forgot all the things the Bathaluman had taught her. As she looked on the poison, Avria declared that it would be useful to her during the celebration in the palace of the Diwatas tomorrow.

Moments later, Asval and LilaSari have arrived from acquiring what they want from Lireo. The Hara used her powers to wake up the soldier and command him at her own will. As he rose, she told him that she is now his queen and leader and he will do anything she wishes. The Lirean soldier, now in the spell of the Etherian Hara, asked her what is it that she wants him to do.

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