Hara (Tagalog: Reyna; English: Queen) is the 192nd episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaHara.

Plot Summary

In the Forest

As night falls, Emre and Cassiopea were sitting on a rock, surrounded by the former Bathala's friends (Pashneas). The two were staring at the twin moons of Encantadia, while Emre was telling Cassiopea that the Bathalumang Haliya lives in one of them. She is the powerful goddess and keeper of the moons.

Emre's Story
Haliya is one of the five Bathalas that settled in Encantadia. However, she did not become happy with her stay on the realm, so she decided to ascend again in order to return to where they came from. Despite that, the doors of Heaven were remained closed for her, so she just settled of living in one of the moons and declared herself as the goddess of the moons, who never fails to give light across the Encatadia during the night.

The Hara Duri-e then realized that they would need an airship or an Argona to reach the Bathaluman. Emre, however, said that it will not be necessary, for Haliya often times return to Encantadia to bathe on the stream. This has became her leisure, because of her pure body and character. Cassiopea asked what stream she goes, and the former Bathala revealed that it was the Batis ng Katotohanan (the Stream of Truth). The Hara Duri-e said that she knows where it is located, for its water is pure that it could tell the truth to whoever goes there to ask. Emre added that the reason why it was pure is because the Bathaluman considered the stream as her home down in the realm. Cassiopea then asked the former Bathala to get going, so they could find out if Haliya is already there. She then took Emre's hand and they both vanished, on their way to the stream.

Moments later, Emre and Cassiopea re-appeared in the another location in the forest. The former Bathala realized that where they are now is not the Stream of Truth, while the Hara Duri-e wondered why did her Ivictus took them there. She then tried again to move with Emre, but they just landed on a different spot but on the same location. Emre asked Cassiopea what was happening, and she answered that she does not know, for she was instructing her powers to take them to the stream. They tried to do it again but they once again failed. Cassiopea then realized why they are having problems going somewhere else, and from the bushes, the Bathalumang Ether appeared before the two, along with some soldiers of Etheria. She then instructed her men to not let them escape and capture them immediately. Cassiopea draw her Kabilan and use it to fight the soldiers that attack them, while Emre use his own strength to defeat the others. As the Bathaluman looked on, she reverted to her deity form, ready to attack the two. Emre then questioned if she will not let him be and if she will just follow him all the time. Ether then said that he will not succeed to his plans, and he will not take back Devas from them anymore. Using her staff, she managed to fight both the Hara Duri-e and the former Bathala, whom she all defeated. Cassiopea tried using her weapon but she dodged it anyway. The Bathaluman then declared that from that moment on, she will watch over their actions and they will not escape her clutches. As Ether disappeared, Emre thought that the Bathaluman was only mocking them and they need to find a way to deceive her in order for her not to read their movement. The two then vanished again, continuing their journey.

The two then re-appeared to a place closer to the stream and rested for a while. Cassiopea was lighting up a fire while Emre looked at her. As the Hara Duri-e sat down, she wondered why the former Bathala kept staring at her. Emre then asked her if she could read minds and to talk using it. Cassiopea then said that it is a power she could do. Afterwards, he asked her to talk with him using each other's minds, so that Ether would not know what their next plans were. Not far away from them, the Bathalumang Ether walked and approached them, wondering what they were doing and why they were staring at each other. As Emre and Cassiopea talked about their plans (which Ether could not read), the Bathaluman thought that they might be falling for each other, but she then realized after that they were planning something against her. As the two finished their conversation, they finally executed their plan, with the Hara Duri-e and the former Bathala separating both ways, confusing the Bathaluman who to follow. She then cursed in disgust and vanished.

Emre was running away when finally the Bathaluman (in her serpent form), finally caught up with him. As Ether reverted back to her deity form, she declared that the former Bathala cannot escape from her, for he will be her captive forever and she could do anything she wants to him. The Bathaluman then bounded the former Bathala to a tree.

In the Stream of Truth

Moments later, Cassiopea have finally arrived in the Stream of Truth, and immediately called out the Bathalumang Haliya, if she was already there or she was still at her home, the moon. The Hara Duri-e then decided to just wait for her, hoping that she would descend and bathe on the stream.

In Lireo

Hara Danaya was standing beside a balcony when Aquil arrived and stood at the back of her. The Mashna Duri-e then expressed that the air is now quiet, and he does not sense any danger anymore. Afterwards, the Hara reminded him about how he should not approach her anymore, with Aquil answering that he just cannot resist himself. He then continued that it is hard for him to fight his feelings, and he is trying with all his might, but he is always failing. Aquil then stated that he wanted to be contented of just looking at her from afar, and not to talk nor touch her, but it pains him, and he just wanted her to kill him. Danaya, irate with the Mashna Duri-e's words, stopped him and questioned his will on why could he not be strong enough. Aquil said his apologies, and his former beloved told him to not say those things again. She just wanted him to keep his strength, just as the Hara was keeping hers. Aquil once again apologize to Danaya, and then left the Hara there.

During the conversation, Alena was not far away from them, listening. As the Mashna Duri-e left the Hara's presence, the Sang'gre approached her younger sister, who is now in tears after what transpired between her and Aquil. Alena then said that this was the one of the reasons why she does not want to be the Hara of Lireo back then: the queen cannot love someone as long as she is bounded to her duty. Danaya replied that despite her sister not becoming one, she did not wished to love someone again, and the Sang'gre added that she does not want to be hurt again. Alena then saw how hurt her 'Apwe' was, and she does not like seeing her like that, so she wants to save her from her misery. Alena then offered that if Danaya is already under pressure, she could give the crown to her, so she could finally marry Aquil. Danaya, who thanked her sister for the help, refused to do so, and told her that maybe she could do it in the time that their enemies, especially Etheria were finally defeated.

Afterwards, Sang'gre Alena remained in the balcony, talking to Mashna Muros about Pirena, who was still not there. He then commented that the Hara may not be coming back anytime soon, for she still have misunderstandings with Danaya. Alena expressed her sorrow about this situation, for they were only three of them remaining, and they still have arguments. Muros then said that she should just try to understand her older sister's situation, and she agreed to it. The Sang'gre then asked the Mashna to finally rest, for she wanted to remain there. As Muros left, three Gunikars appeared in Alena's presence, and one of them was Memfes. As the Lirean soldiers about to attack him, Alena stopped them and asked the leader why is she following her there. Memfes in turn, told his beloved to go to Adamya, so she could find out what was happening. As he was about to leave, he took Alena's hand and kissed it, and left. The irate Sang'gre then vanished to go to Adamya

In Etheria

In the throne room, groups of soldiers were paying their respects to Hara Avria. As the others have left, one soldier remained in her presence before she walked away. As the Hara went to her chambers, she sat on the bed, staring at the three Brilyantes he have gotten, and saying that only two more and they will be completed. Avria added that with the help of the Ginintuang Orasan, she could finally return to the past, where Etheria was about to be going to war against the Diwatas where they were defeated and crushed. She then said that with the help of the Brilyantes (if all of them fell in her possession), the events will not happen again and she could ultimately change the history of Etheria, promising that her kingdom will not fall ever again, and it will reign to the present day.

As the Hara walked out of her chambers, the soldier guarding its entrance was revealed to be Hara Pirena, who was in disguise to infiltrate the palace of Avria. She then went inside the room and saw the Golden Hourglass in front of her, and was reminded by Amarro's words.

Pirena's Flashback:
Amarro informed Pirena that Avria's army came from the deep past using the Brilyantes she was possessing and the Ginintuang Orasan (or the Golden Hourglass). The Hara asked about what could it do, and the Mashna replied that whoever holds it could return to any time or place he or she wishes, and Avria managed to get the soldiers from the past to the present time.

Seeing that the Golden Hourglass looked like it was unguarded, she expressed how fortunate she was for it was real easy for her to find and take it. As she was about to put her hands on it, she was grounded by the power that was revealed surrounding it. She cursed in disgust, realizing that Avria put a spell around it. Confident that she could use her powers against the spell of the Etherians, she brought her Brilyante and commanded it to remove the barrier that separates her and the Golden Hourglass. As she was about to lift it, a rumbling sound was heard around the palace, including the throne room, where Avria, Hagorn, Asval, and Andora were. The Mashna ask about where it came from, and the Hara knows it: inside her chambers. Pirena tried to take it again but it was heavily guarded by the Hara's powers, so she decided to escape. Back in the throne room, Avria commanded her Mashnas and her soldiers to look around the whole palace and see who has inflitrated them. The Hara then vanished to return to her room, while the others have left the throne room. Hagorn, however stopped, realizing that it was her daughter's doing. He was then asked by Asval to get going.

Moments later, Avria arrived at her chambers, while Hagorn, Andora, and Asval followed soon after, seeing that the room was empty and the Golden Hourglass was still present. The Heran felt that the one they were looking for was already gone. Avria however, retracted her statement, saying that it was still there, and that Encantado tried to steal the Golden Hourglass. She added that the one almost managed to take it away, for whoever it was, it knows the Hourglass' powers who wants to return to the past, or want someone to bring back from the past. The question was who it was from her enemies, but what the Hara was wondering about is whoever it was, he or she has the power fight the spell she infused on the Golden Hourglass. Avria then took it and Andora asked where she was going, for which she replied that she will attend to some important things. After she left, Asval speculated that it might be Pirena who did it, while Hagorn refuted it, saying that how could she do it, for it was nothing but foolishness. The two Mashnas then commanded the soldiers to look around the whole Etheria, while the Rama Duri-e of Hathoria remained in Avria's chambers, and stood in front of the table where the Golden Hourglass was

In the forest outside Etheria, Pirena managed to escape, swearing to her daughter Mira that she will not stop until she have finally got her hands on the Golden Hourglass to save her and her Hadia, Lira.

In Adamya

Sang'gre Alena arrived at her camp in Adamya, where she encountered Banak and Nakba. The Sang'gre asked the two what happened, and they immediately told her that Memfes attacked and captured their companions. Alena became angry, saying that the Gunikar leader was trying her patience. She then left to go to the Land of the Gunikars.

In Hathoria

Hagorn, along with some of his soldiers, returned to his tents near the palace of Hathoria. She was met by her younger daughter Deshna, who told him that Pirena was also there after she was asked if she had other companions beside his soldiers. The Hara then appeared before her father, where she was then approached by Hagorn and immediately strucked Pirena in the face. Deshna asked why he slapped her, and the Rama Duri-e informed the Hara that Avria knows that she was the one who infiltrated Etheria, and she did not told it to him straight but he knows that she have felt it. Pirena then apologized to her father, saying that she does not know that the Golden Hourglass has that power. Deshna asked about it, and their father informed her that it is a tool to send someone back to the past. Pirena, in turn, told them that she wanted to take it so she could return to the time where the keepers were slain in Cassiopea's Island. She then added that it was the reason why she deeply wanted to get inside Avria's palace: to save Mira, to save Hagorn's own blood. The Rama Duri-e then warned her that she does not know what Avria will do to her, so she must not return to Etheria for the time being. Defiant, the Hara said that she will not follow her father's orders, for she is ready for any punishment the Hara of Etheria will give to her, and she will not stop until she finally gets the Golden Hourglass. Deshna then offered her help to her Apwe, and Hagorn thought it was foolish. The young Hathor, however refused to listen as well, for she also wanted to save her friend from the Etherians who killed them, and if their father will not help Pirena, then she will be the one doing it, and they will not stop going back and forth to Etheria. Having no other choice for his daughters, Hagorn angrily let them do what they wanted, and warned the two again that if they were once again caught alive, he himself will be the one to hand them over to Avria. As the Rama Duri-e left, he blasted power around him in anger, causing the torches to explode, frightening her two daughters.

After Hagorn had left, Pirena told her younger sister Deshna to get ready.

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