Discord is the 92nd episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. It continues from Chapter 32. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaHidwaan.

Major Events

  • Lira got a double bad luck first she is cursed by Alena to lose her beautiful voice and second, Ether changed her appearance into a hideous being.
  • Cassiopea lost her ability to locate a person or look into the future because Ether had cursed her so that she can't help her race.
  • Gurna is reunited with Pirena.


Encantadia Teaser Ep00:31

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 92- Ang pagkawala ni Lira

The teaser for this episode.

Encantadia- Ang sumpa kay Lira05:05

Encantadia- Ang sumpa kay Lira

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