Suspicion is the 28th episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The episode is a continuation of Chapter 22. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaHinala.


While on their quest to find the missing Encantados, Alena told Apitong that she felt a more severe and stronger enemy that may be the behind the missing Encantados. An Encantado saw Adhara taking the life of another Encantado, he then reports it to Apitong and Alena, who thought that the Hathorians were the ones doing it, upon seeing them inspecting a skeleton. Danaya comforts Amihan, who was bothered about the girl she met at the Human World. When Danaya left, it was revealed she was Pirena in disguise. Pirena was then caught by Amihan holding the key to the Asnamon portal, Pirena told Amihan not to leave it or Lira will use but Amihan told her that Lira promised her not to do it again so she gave the key to Pirena so Lira wouldn’t know about it. Upon fooling Amihan, Pirena went to the Asnamon tree but were caught by Alena. Alena asked Pirena if she will help on their mission but Pirena made an excuse that she was given a task by Amihan. Pirena orders Gurna to cover her while she’s gone. Danaya noticed that Pirena was missing so she ask Gurna where Pirena is, revealing to Gurna that a soldier saw them wondering the forest. Gurna told Danaya that she is helping Alena in her quest. Meanwhile, Lira asks Amihan if she can learn something about the Human World, telling her mother that she is tired of learning combat.

Meanwhile, at the Human World, Amanda was brought to a clinic and was revealed that she suffered from Heat stroke and requires medical attention at the Hospital but because of their lack of money, Amanda told Mila not to, this caused Mila to worry. Meanwhile, Muyak wonders when she and Mila will come back to Encantadia. Berto suggested Mila to use her powers to help her mother; she consulted Muyak, who told her that it’s up to her to decide her own fate, she then asks Berto on what to do. Mila returns to Amanda giving her money she stole but Amanda didn’t accept it. Upon realizing the mistake she has done, she went to a Chapel and asked for forgiveness. Pirena encounters Mila and saw the mark on her back. When Pirena said an Enchanta (the same Enchanta Muyak ordered a dog to stop barking at Mila when she was a kid), she recognize her as an Encantado, thinking she’ll be the one bringing her back to Encantadia, but when Pirena tried to stab her, Mila teleported surprising both of them.

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