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Metro Manila

The Human World is a dimension that is separate from Encantadia. It is where Human beings reside (notably: Amanda, Berto, Anthony, Dado, Pao Pao, Mario, Jigs, Choleng, Dina etc.). There are many ways to reach the world of the humans from Encantadia, the Tree of Asnamon can be used or the Straying Portal or the Sky Portal.

There are many Encantados that reside or have resided in the World of Humans, such as: Enuo, Raquim, Amihan, Lira, Muyak, Alena, Hitano, Danaya, Mira and LilaSari (there is a probability that there are few other encantados that resided in the Human World, though it is not certain).

The main setting of the Human World is in the Philippines. It has made many appearances throughout the series.

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