Ivo Live, Encantadia (English: Long Live, Encantadia) is the 218th and final episode of the television fantasy series, Encantadia, produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag for the finale is #IvoLiveEncantadia.


  • The ending is similar to the 2005 series where Hagorn is killed by Amihan to end the war and results to Hathoria's downfall. In the requel however it is the final battle between Hagorn and Pirena which is both father and daughter and their battle is also based on the ending of the third season of the 2005 series.
  • Since Hagorn was killed by Raquim at the end of the series, John Arcilla now works in the rival network ABS-CBN where he portrays a main antagonistic role as the Defense Secretary of the Philippines Director Renato Hipolito in the action series "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano".
  • After the end of the series, both Pirena and Lira makes their appearances in the latest fantaserye, Mulawin vs. Ravena.


In the Battlefield

In Devas

In Lireo

In the Kingdom Beyond Encantadia

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Avisala Meiste, Encantadiks!

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