Jedarai[1] is, according to Hagorn, an old and ancient but most effective fighting style in the art of combat. It is unknown where it originated but it can be presumed that it originated from the kingdom of Hathoria.

Hagorn has mastered this fighting style from the last one before him that mastered Jedarai, which is why even though Prince Raquim is excellent in sword fighting and also a master in combat, Hagorn was still able to kill him.


Mira learning Jedarai from Hagorn.

Lira (Mira) asked for Hagorn's guidance in sword fighting, this is the style he taught her. Hagorn also told her that learning Jedarai is hard and it takes a long time to master it. He also states that the first thing that one should learn while he/she is studying Jedarai is that in war you are there to fight and kill.


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