The Kabilan is a fictional weapon from both the Encantadia 2005 and Encantadia 2016 series.




Book 1

The Kabilan was used by Reyna Cassiopea to divide the Elemental Gem of the Bathalang Emre in order to save the Mulawins from the Hathors' wrath. The powerful gem was divided into four separate gems. After that, she buried the Kabilan and put markers around it to indicate. The Queen was then cursed by their Bathalang Emre to be banished from her Kingdom and live a very long life until the Gem was restored again. Asval tricked Ybrahim into getting the Kabilan making him think that it was orginally owned by his father. Ybrahim was successful in acquiring the Kabilan nly to be snatched away by Asval and be given to Hagorn who used it as his primary weapon since then.

Book 2 The Kabilan was created by the Bathalumang Ether. It was given to Etheria's High Priestess and was passed on to whoever sat on the throne. It was cursed by (then) Hera Mine-a to be the weapon that would be used against the Diwatas.

Book 3

Kabilan book 3

On the second episode of Book 3, Cassiopea was killed by Arkrey. Muros has found her lifeless in her lair and goes back to Lireo with the Kabilan.


The Kabilan is a twin-bladed wand/scepter that can shapeshift into a sword, spear, et cetera. This legendary God Weapon is indeed very powerful.

Appearances in the series

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Cassiopea cleaving the Inang Brilyante into the four elemental gems using the Kabilan.

Cassiopea used the Kabilan to divide the Inang Brilyante into the five elemental gems of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Soul. This is proof of the Kabilan's resistance to the Mother Gem.


It is then seen many times in the series. It is oftenly seen being used by Cassiopea, she can summon it anywhere all she has to do is raise her hand.

Keeper Timeline

Ether and Arde beytays Emre

Ether and Arde tries to kill Emre; Arde seems to hold the Kabilan.


It formerly belonged to Avria, Queen of Etheria. It is unknown how Cassiopea obtained it.


The Kabilan has been in the hands of Cassiopea for the longest time, until Adhara and LilaSari stole it from her.


When Adhara and LilaSari attacked Cassiopea in her lair they obtained the Kabilan. Adhara used it against their enemies, though her main weapon is the Lupig.


After Adhara's death, LilaSari became it's new keeper even until she became the Queen of Lireo, however, Cassiopea claimed it back sometime during her adoptive daughter's reign.


  • The Kabilan is unquestionably powerful in the hands of a knowledgeable user. The ability to break the Mother Gem is proof enough of its immunity to the four elemental gems.

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