The Shield is an armor created by Amarro for Raquim and his successor. (2005) It is one of Sapiro's most prized possession which Armeo entrusted to his son Ybrahim. (2016)


Raquim asked Amarro to create an armor for him which he could use in the battle against Etheria. Amarro created a complete set from the headgear, armor, boots and its weapons. Amarro told Raquim the Kalasag will only acknowledge him and his successor.

Encantadia (Book 1)

Ybrahim was at the midst of soul searching in the fallen kingdom of Sapiro when he came across a secret dungeon of Sapiro. There he found the Kalasag and his Aldo Raquim appeared to him and taught him how to fight like a true prince of Sapiro.

Sang'gres Intervention

During the Sang'gre's intervention Raquim encountered Ybrahim and fought him but the Kalasag refused to hurt him much to Raquim's confusion. He remembered what Amarro said that the Kalasag will only acknowledge him and his successor which confused him even more since Ybrahim that time was on Etheria's side.



Using the Kantao, Ybrahim unlocked a secret dungeon of Sapiro where the Kalasag is being kept. Armeo appeared to him and gave him the ownership of the Kalasag which was their kingdom's treasure.

The Kalasag's original color was black but it was modified by Ybrahim into gold after becoming king.

One of its said forgers was Vish'ka during an early time of Sapiro. He had a big part in the Kalasag's forging.


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