The Fist of Emre is a weapon intentionally forged by the god of Encantadia, Emre to help Mira cross the Human World to Encantadia. However, after that it became Mira's signature weapon.


  • The enchan script font on it's blade is read as: "Kamao ni Emre. Tagapaglingkod ni Mira." (Fists of Emre. Servant of Mira.).
  • This sword can be used to kill a Hadezar, however, Ether fortified the Hadezars and prevented them from getting slain using this sword.
  • The sword can be summoned anywhere by Mira all she have to do is raise her hand in the air and the sword will appear.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shockwave - By piercing the ground with the sword, Mira can release a powerful shock wave of energy that can damage everything within it's range. Mira uses this ability to stun or attack several enemies all at the same time.
  • Immense Strength - Since it is a weapon forged by the most powerful god in Encantadia, this sword possess strong qualities and materials that can cut even the most hardest stone and metal. Originally, this is strong enough to kill a Hazedar, something an elemental gem cannot single-handedly do.