The Fists of Emre is a God weapon intentionally created by Emre himself to help Mira cross the Human World to Encantadia. However, after that it became Mira's signature weapon.


  • The enchan script font on it's blade is read as: "Kamao ni Emre. Tagapaglingkod ni Mira." (Fists of Emre. Servant of Mira.).
  • This sword can be used to kill a Hadezar, however, Ether fortified the Hadezars and prevented them from getting slain using this sword.
  • The sword can be summoned anywhere by Mira all she needs to do is call it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shockwave - By stabbing the sword in the ground, Mira can release a powerful shockwave of energy that can damage everything within it's range. Mira uses this ability to stun or attack several enemies all at the same time.

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