The Chamber of Weapons (also known as Lirean Armory) is a room guarded by guards where the weaponry of the Lirean Soldiers are kept, also, the weapons of deceased Sang'gres. Some weapons there have magical enchantments that can prevent it from being stolen.

Notable Items

Lirean Soldier

  • Soldier Armor - (Field Gear Helmet, Field Gear Chestplate, Field Gear Arm Gauntlets, Field Gear Leg Gauntlets)
  • Spears
  • Riot Shield
  • Long Bow and Long Distance Arrows
  • Waganara
  • Feather Sword


  • Queen's scepter
  • Avatar - Lira's sword.
  • Arkrey - Amihan's sword.
  • Lupig - Adhara's staff.
  • Kamao - Mira's sword.


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