Power is the 103rd episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. It continues from Chapter 33 and begins a new chapter, Chapter 34. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaKapangyarihan.


The episode starts in Lumang Etheria, where Pirena brings Lira to the Bathalumang Ether and asks her if she is the one she speaks of who cursed her, Lira tells her that Ether is the snake who cursed her, Pirena tells her to talk to her then, Pirena vanishes and Lira wakes Ether up and tells her to take the curse away because she is already hurt and is tired of no one recognizing her especially her own parents but Ether doesn't want to and tells her to go away and threathens her if she doesnt go she will bite her, Lira vanishes before the Bathaluman spews fire. In Lireo, Amihan orders Aquil to bring soldiers with him to find Lira for she thinks that Lireo isn't safe for there are still Hathors lurking around. Amihan admits to Imaw that she cares for Lira and that she is scared if something bad happens to her.

Kabanata 34: Bagong Simula

Title Translation: Chapter 34: The New Beginning

Major Events

  • Pirena asks Ether to give her enough power in order to beat Amihan.
  • Ether gave Pirena the power to melt things with her hand.
  • Lira arrives in Lireo.
  • LilaSari and her allies return to Ayleb and reinforces their camp.
  • Hagorn and the hathors return to Hathoria.
  • Amihan gets stabbed by an unknown person in the ending.


  • The episode refers to Ether giving Pirena power / Pirena asking Ether for power.
  • Chapter 34 - The New Beginning begins


Encantadia Teaser Ep00:31

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 103- Ang tanong ni Alena kay Ybarro

The teaser for this episode.

Encantadia- Bagong kapangyarihan ni Pirena03:28

Encantadia- Bagong kapangyarihan ni Pirena

Encantadia- Ang bagong simula03:28

Encantadia- Ang bagong simula

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