Accord is the 72nd episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. It continues from Chapter 31. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaKasunduan

Major Events

  • Hagorn informed his Hathor army about Amihan, Danaya, Pao Pao and Ybarro.
  • Amihan told the resistance team about finding allies to make the team stronger.
  • Pirena told Gurna about planning to give Kahlil her blessings as Danaya and Alena gave their blessings to Lira.
  • Lira has arrived at Ayleb with Adhara and LilaSari.
  • Pirena gave her blessing, through the Brilyante ng Tubig, which is to make him have the mentality to kill Lira.
  • Hagorn agrees in letting Pirena take care of Kahlil.
  • Hitano asked Lira to help him. But Lira refused and playfully punched him twice.
  • When Kahlil was about to say "Ako is Kahlil, Anak ni Alena at Ybarro", Pirena interrupted him saying, "Anak ni Pirena"
  • When Mira took out her formal dress from Enchantadia, she had flashbacks about her life in Encantadia.
  • When Pirena saw Kahlil training with a Lirean solider, she got flashbacks when she trained with Mira.
  • Ether didn't want Cassiopiea to interfere with her plans, when Cassiopiea tried to find Lira and Kahlil.
  • Asval told Hagorn about wanting to be allies with him and be of help. In exchange, he has to make Pirena his wife. Pirena interfered by rejected his offer as in Lireo, it is forbidden to have a husband. She heavily criticized Asval by saying how slow he is and that he is even slower than an animal.
  • Agane told Asval that she is againist Pirena. Asval told her that he won't come back for Pirena. Agane told him that they plan to overthrow Pirena as Agane thinks that Hagorn and Pirena are beginning to be not in good terms and she was being weak like her sisters. Asval told him that they shoud watch out when Sapiro rises.
  • Cassiopiea told Amihan through a dream that Lira might be in danger.


  • She may have a crush on Aquil as shown when Wantuk asked whether he liked Aquil, she threathened him about crushing his heart if he won't shut up.


Encantadia- Ang hudyat ng digmaan00:31

Encantadia- Ang hudyat ng digmaan

The trailer for this episode.

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