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Kina is a minor character from the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia, which is produced by GMA Network . She is known as a young Nymfa from the Land of the Nymfas and the daughter of their leader, Helgad.


Kina is a young Nymfa from the Land of the Nymphs who is Deshna's younger sister and Helgad's daughter. As a younger sister to Luna, Kina accompanied her, her mother, and the other Nymfas in their tribe to a peaceful life, until horrible events changed her lives.


Growing up with Luna (Deshna)

As the first Queen of Lireo, Cassiopea and Sang'gre Alena have found Deshna's adopted mother in the form of the Nymfa leader, Helgad, they finally gave the infant Sang'gre into her hands and let her live to the Land of the Nymfas as her own daughter, in order for Deshna to be hidden from the evil intentions of her father, Hagorn. Years later, Helgad had another daughter, and she named it Kina. It was not known who her real father was, but like Luna (Deshna), she grew up as a kind and innocent Nymfa. As Luna and Kina grew up together, her older adopted sister's origin has not became an obstacle for them to treat each other as real-life siblings.

The Raid of the Etherians and Death of Her Mother

As Luna and her friend Gilas went on a journey to Lireo to find Luna's true identity, not long the Etherians have invaded their land. In fear, Kina hid behind the trees so that she will not be found by the invaders and not be captured unlike the others. She also witnessed the death of her mother Helgad in the hands of LilaSari (which they do not know is Deshna's real mother). After capturing all of the Nymfas, they finally leave the land, leaving a nymfa, Kina, and the body of her mother behind.

Reuniting with Luna and Gilas

The night after the raid of the enemies in their land, Luna and Gilas found her crying in the forest with a Nymfa. They asked her what happened, and she told them the events that happened. Luna then asked about what happened to others, especially their mother, Helgad. She then informed her sister that she was killed by one of the invaders that was called as LilaSari by stabbing her in the back for trying to protect another Nymfa. She then accompanied them to the location of Helgad's body, where Luna wept bitterly for the death of her mother. Afterwards, because there are no more Nymfas left in their land, Kina came with Luna and Gilas to rescue the other Nymfas and to find out who killed their mother.

Journey to Lireo and encounter with Andora

Arrival at Lireo

Attack of the Dragons sent by Andora to Lireo

Returning of the Hypnotized Nymfas

After the events of Trahedya



Encantadia- Pinagkait na katotohanan04:04

Encantadia- Pinagkait na katotohanan

Quina appears in this clip

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