Lavanea is a volcano in Encantadia. It is handled by a diwata with the same name as the volcano, Lavanea.


Sang'gre Mira is trapped Lavanea's cave in the volcano.

Lavanea is capable of making the volcano to errupt or stay dormant. She can also command the volcano to not let anyone escape via Ivictus. Being the Guardian of the Volcano, she lives in a cave there where Sang'gre Mira once got trapped and had to exchange her heart's essence for her freedom.


Lavanea is a volcanic region in Encantadia. It is considered as the most dangerous territory of Encantadia since it shoots boiling magma everywhere. It is near Yabiti, the habitat of the Yesh'ras.


The Bandidos' territory is in the outskirts of Lavanea

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