Laya is considered to be Mine-a's main weapon. After her untimely death, it was kept in the Lireo's armory, together with Lupig and other weapons.

2016 - 2017

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Mine-a transforms into her warrior armor.

The Laya is Mine-a's sword (aka The Sword of the New Lireo). It was made to counter Adhara's staff, Lupig. It first appeared in the Pilot episode of the series. Laya is Tagalog for Free (adjective).

Powers and Abilities

Laya has not been exposed too much in the series but it is described as a weapon that can act as a conduit to Minea's power, theoretically, with Minea's power such as energy projection, it can be assumed to have energy projecting abilities but such things are not shown in the series. And as the main weapon of the Queen, it can be theorized that this weapon is a spirit-forged, to be compatible only to its intended or destined user. Lastly, it is also said to possess strong properties.


  • Laya is a weapon identical to what Cassiopeia created as a gift for Lira, the only difference is that the Avatar is created using gold and Laya has blue designs in most parts of it.
  • Raquim seemed to have used Laya as his weapon when he killed Hagorn in the final battle. Though the blue designs are not seen, so it can be the Avatar, but it is impossible as the Avatar was entrusted by Ybrahim to Paopao, to use it as his main weapon in battle.