Layon (English: Aim) is the 187th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaLayon.

Plot Summary

In the Forest

Deshna reiterated her question to Alena: if what the Ivtre said was true, and that her real mother was the one who killed her adoptive mother. The Sang'gre tried to calm her down by holding her arms, but she refused from it. She then questioned why have they not told her that the Encantada she was looking for was LilaSari, and Alena replied that they want her to finish the training, and they would not have thought that they will be in danger during their stay in Cassiopea's Island. Deshna then said that if somehow she died at that time, she may have not known the truth. Hitano then told her to not be angry at the Diwatas, for they only did what they thought was the right thing to do. The young Diwata answered to just leave her alone, because she cannot even trust anyone anymore. As Luna walked away, the Sang'gre asked the Hadezar to follow and not take his eyes off her.

Meanwhile, the night came, and LilaSari was still looking around with her soldiers. She then decided that they must split up to further out the search and commanded them to go to the direction she pointed at them. As the Etherians left, LilaSari was seen by Amarro, and was immediately approached by him. He then commented that the Diwata looked like she was busy, and asked who are they looking for. She then replied that she was looking for Alena and the Ivtre, along with the new keeper, Luna. She also informed Amarro that Hitano keeps telling her that it was her daughter. The Mashna then said that if Deshna was the real name of Luna, then they might be telling the truth, and she is her real daughter. LilaSari became confused, questioning that they already told her that she was already dead. Amarro then apologized to her, for he only told her that right now, and he also realized that they should not have submitted themselves to Avria. The news that she had gotten was true: she has a daughter and is still alive. And from what Amarro knew, LilaSari loved her so much that when she was taken away from her, she almost lost her sanity. After hearing all of this from the Mashna, LilaSari decided that she must remember about her past, so she might find out herself about the truth. Amarro then said that Avria will not give her memory back, despite LilaSari asking it from her, and the Hara will only take her daughter farther from her, because Deshna will only be in the way with her plans. LilaSari then asked how could she do it without getting help from Avria. Amarro knows of a way, and he told her to come with him.

Later on, the two have been walking for a long time. LilaSari then asked if their destination is still far away. Amarro informed her that they are going to the Batis ng Katotohanan (or the Stream of Truth), and from there, she will see all the memories that was erased from her by Avria. She will be cured there, and she will finally be back in her true self. LilaSari then asked why they cannot used their power of Ivictus so they could reach it immediately, and the Mashna told her that the power was given to them by the Hara, and once they used it, she will be able to track them and where they are going, and they do not want it to happen. As he asked the Diwata to rest for a while if she is already tired, LilaSari refused, for she already wanted to continue their journey because she cannot wait anymore to finally learn about the truth.

In Sapiro

In the throne room of Rama Ybrahim, he and his Mashnas were plotting their attack. They know that Etheria has a huge number soldiers for their army who were surrounding the whole land. Mashna Mayca told him that their soldiers are only few in order to fight evenly, and they need to add more Encantados that would ally with them. Ybrahim then commanded Wantuk and Kaizan to go to Adjantao to convince the other 'Mandirigmas' (warriors) to fight with them, and if they encountered 'Bandidos' or other warriors, they would invite them as well. The two then left for their journey, and Ybrahim told his Mashna that while Wantuk is away, they need to train their soldiers thoroughly to make sure that they will be ready for their next steps.

Moments after, Hara Danaya appeared before them and Ybrahim greeted her immediately. He then asked if she had already changed her mind about going to war with them against Etheria. The Hara, however, said that Cassiopea have returned, and she wanted Ybrahim to come back to Lireo, because the Rama of Sapiro needs to know something.

In Lireo

Ariana was practicing alone in the weapons chamber using a sword. As she did it, Rehav Manik arrived, and asked her how could she become more experience is she was training by herself. He then offered to teach her, but the Punjabwe-a replied that his brother Azulan will be angry if he finds out about it. The Rehav however, does not care what the Punjabwe thinks, but what is important for him is what her betrothed wants to do. Ariana then stated that she only wanted to help the Diwatas against the Etherians. As Manik agreed with her, he wielded his staff against the Punjabwe-a, for which she defended herself to it. The two then continued Ariana's training, and this was seen by the other two keepers, Paopao and Muyak. The Binatang Ligaw then told her that they need to return to their training, despite of what happened, so like Ariana, they would be ready for the battle. The Lambana agreed and said that while the others are busy, they will try teaching each other. Paopao concured, and he remembered how his Ate Amihan thought him how to hold a weapon, and the two started their training as well.

Back in the throne room, Cassiopea, along with Nunong Imaw and Kahlil were wondering why only the three keepers (Ariana, Paopao, and Muyak) were present and where Luna was. Hara Pirena, who was now with Sang'gre Alena then told the Hara Duri-e that the young Diwata has followed her own 'Bugna' (fate), so she must not find her anymore. Alena then saw her son, and they shared an embrace with each other. As Pirena saw it, she commented that the Sang'gre was fortunate that despite her son was already dead, she still gets the opportunity to be with him. Danaya and Ybrahim soon arrived after, and the Rama also saw his son, and they also embraced each other, while Pirena again saying that he is fortunate as well, unlike her. She then asked Kahlil why he was the only one there, and where Mira and Lira was. The Ivtre said that they were not with them, and Danaya added that their bodies were returned in the palace by the Retres. Muyak then said that they were rejected by Devas, and the Hara immediately asked why not. Cassiopea then informed them that the land was attacked by the Bathalang Emre's enemies, and he was defeated and was expelled by Arde and Ether. The Nuno said after that they should not wonder why there was no help that came from Devas when Asval and the Mashnas were killing their daughters and the others, because during that time, the kingdom of Devas was also being attacked, and they managed to best Emre. Danaya then commented that they could not rely on anyone now, and Cassiopea added that they could only trust each other. She then pleaded to them to forget their grudges for a while, especially that they need to focus more against their enemies.

Moments later, Danaya showed Pirena and the others to the chambers where the dead bodies of Lira, Mira, Wahid and Gilas were laid. The Hara of Hathoria quickly approached her daughter and tried to touch her, but she was unsuccessful due to a barrier. Pirena asked about it and Alena told her that she protected their remains using the Brilyante ng Tubig, so that they would be fresh until the bodies could finally go to Devas. Pirena only expressed more pain and anger of her heart for the loss of Mira because of those events. She then asked her two siblings if they would finally wage war against Etheria after all that has happened in Devas. Danaya said that it was now easy for them to declare it, and they will now follow her and Ybrahim, but she wondered how could they win. Nunong Imaw also added that the freedom of Encantadia against Etheria is not the only problem they have, but also the freedom of Devas against the Bathalas who invaded it. Cassiopea then stated that Kahlil will return to the kingdom to try and look for the souls who escaped with him as well so they could help them liberate it, while the others will stay in the realm to face Etheria together. Alena asked her son if she was leaving already, and he concurred and said that he cannot stay long far from Devas, because his Ivtre is getting weak. Ybrahim then asked the Hara Duri-e if they are going to face the enemies together, and Cassiopea intended to help them, for the they were not the only ones who has grudges on them, but also on her as well. Pirena then said that it was a good thing that she will help, because it is because her and Danaya that all of those things happened. As she told them to get ready, Pirena vanished, making the others wonder where have she gone.

Afterwards, Ybrahim and Muros were walking along the corridors of the palace, with the Rama talking about his army is finally ready and once Wantuk has returned with other warriors, their force will be huge. The Mashna agreed, for they will encounter a powerful enemy, and he will soon ready his own army as well. As Muros takes his leave, the Rama encountered Manik and Ariana, who greeted him. The Punjabwe-a asked Ybrahim if the remains of the dead have returned in the palace, and he pointed her to a room. The Rama also said that if she wanted to see them, she could come in and visit them. As Ybrahim was about to walk away, he stopped, with Ariana still looking at him, and told that whatever happens, he should take care of himself, for they still need him there despite the Rama thinking that his life has no more meaning because of the death of her loved ones. Ybrahim turned around, nodded at her and left their presence. Manik then approached his betrothed and commented that it looked like that Ariana was close to the Rama of Sapiro. She replied that he was the father of Lira, and there is nothing wrong of talking to him. The Punjabwe-a walked away after.

In Hathoria

In the gates of the palace of Hathoria, Hagorn has encountered the soldiers that were guarding it. The Hathors then readied themselves as they were approached by the Rama Duri-e (former King). He then asked them if they could not also recognize them like the others he encountered before. The Hathors however, do remember him, and they apologized, for they are now being lead by Hara Pirena. He then cursed the soldiers, and told them that she is a Diwata, a Moltre (or a Half-Blood), and not like them, who are full-blooded Hathors. Hagorn questioned them why will they recognize her as their queen, especially that he has finally returned. However, he then commanded the soldiers who are still loyal to him, and some of them returned to his side, while others have stayed loyal to Pirena, saying that her daughter have been good to them. Hagorn then declared that he does not need them anymore, and proceeded to kill them all.

When the night came, Hagorn and his soldiers were walking on the land when the Rama Duri-e felt something in the air, causing he and others to stop. They put their guard on, and moments later, Hara Pirena appeared before them, and her father greeted her as a traitor daughter of him. Hagorn laughed in awe, for he was happy to see her again, and Pirena emotionally felt the same for her father. The Hara then asked about her Hathor soldiers, and the Rama Duri-e informed her that she has no soldiers from them, because he is now back to rule them again and are now loyal to him. In anger, Pirena called them traitors and use the power of her Brilyante to curse them like her mother, that whoever commits treason against Hathoria also betrays the Brilyante ng Apoy. The soldiers' appearance were then burned as Pirena wielded it at them. This angered Hagorn and he immediately fought her daughter. As they reached a stalemate, the Hara then said that she did not find him to fight, but to make an agreement of building an alliance with her and her sisters, especially that he already fought their enemy before. Hagorn mentioned of Avria, and Pirena thought that they might be surprised of what she was doing, but more than ever, the Rama Duri-e was the one who knows Avria very well, and how to defeat her for she already did it before.

Hagorn asked what could he get from them if he somehow agreed to ally with the Diwatas, for which Pirena answered that it will be his freedom. The Rama Duri-e laughed in amusement, for he already has the freedom she was offering. He then asked again what would be the exchange of giving his loyalty to them. Before the Hara could answer, the Bathalumang Ether appeared before them, and Pirena questioned what was she doing there. The Bathaluman then answered that she wanted to offer Hagorn a beautiful gift if he somehow agreed to join her and Avria. The Rama Duri-e asked about it, and Ether whispered it into his ear. As Pirena looked on to his father, Hagorn just smiled at her.

In Etheria

In the forest near the palace of Hera Andal, Deshna was staring at the land, weeping, while remembering the things her mother LilaSari has done for her. Moments later, Hitano has finally caught up with the young Diwata, and told her that he could feel that her emotions are arguing with one another. She turned around, and expressed her anger against the Diwatas for keeping the truth from her. Deshna then said that her mother was also evil, because she killed her adoptive mother who loved and cared for her. The Hadezar however, explained that LilaSari was not in her own self, which was the reason for her actions. She was under the spell of Avria, and if she is not, he could make sure that her real mother is a kind Diwata. LilaSari did not thought of anything but to be with her always. Deshna then asked why she should believe in him, and Hitano replied that he became her adoptive father before, and he was with her when she was born, until he was killed and was gone from them. He repeated his testament again, that LilaSari is not an evil Encantada. After listening to what he said, Deshna realized that Avria must also pay for what she had done to her mother. Hitano then warned her to not continue what she was planning to do, for she cannot defeat the power of Avria. The young Diwata responded that she was wondering why she survived the attack on Cassiopea's Island, and now she finally know why: to avenge Gilas, Helgad, and her real mother against Avria. And if they were thinking that she cannot make it, Deshna said that they will surprise Hitano, as well as the Diwatas, because she will find a way to punish the 'Pashnea'. As she continued her journey to Etherua and Hitano still following her, the Bathalumang Ether was behind the trees, listening at them.

In the throne room, Hara Avria and her Mashnas Hera Andora and Asval were walking across the room when the Hara Duri-e Cassiopea appeared and attacked the Etherian soldiers. As the Hara saw her, she greeted the first Diwata and asked what is she doing. Cassiopea then told her that she wanted Asval and Andora, for they committed a grave sin against her, and she wanted her Mashnas for this. The Hara thought if she is out of her mind, and she will not surrender the two to her. Avria then shoot power from her hands and Cassiopea vanished, only to re-appear next to Asval and Andora. She then asked them if they will come with her or she will just give their punishment there. The Hara Duri-e hacked away on the Heran and Asval, then killed the soldiers who tried to attack her from behind. However, Avria managed to take down the Diwata using her power, saying to stop her madness. Cassiopea, in turn, told them that what they have done was unforgivable. The Hara of Etheria then uttered a spell that lifted the Hara Duri-e in the air, but Cassiopea overpowered then anyway, taking them all down to the ground. She then approached Asval and Andora, grabbing them in the neck, and uttered a curse to them.

Mapapasa-inyo ang isang marka na magpapahirap sa inyo habang kayo ay nabubuhay!
(You will receive a mark that will torture you while you were living!)

Afterwards, the two Mashnas received a black mark along their neck, and the Hara Duri-e turned back her attention to Avria, who was still down after being shot down by Cassiopea's powers. The Hara used once more her power against Cassiopea, but she immediately vanished. Avria then stood up, and told her Mashnas to not be affected by the mark for now, because the Hara Duri-e has not left yet and she is still there. They then heard a voice from somewhere: it was Cassiopea, who told them that their hands are filled with the blood of the innocent. The Hara then demanded her to show herself. However, the Hara Duri-e continued that because of it, no one from them have the right to hold the Brilyantes. She then pleaded to the Brilyantes to recognize her as their first keeper. Avria cursed in disgust, but suddenly, she felt that the three Brilyantes (Diwa, Hangin, and Lupa) were forcibly being taken away from her. The Heran commented that Cassiopea was using her powers to take them back from her Hara. Avria uttered a spell to command the Brilyantes, and as the Hara Duri-e re-appeared in front of her, they both struggled using each of their power, on which hands (Avria or Cassiopea) the three Brilyantes will fall under. Cassiopea, still fighting for it, pleaded once again to them.

Mga Brilyante ni Emre, narito ang inyong Unang Tagapangalaga!
Sinasamo ko kayo, aking mga Brilyante!
(Brilyantes of Emre, here is your First Guardian! I am pleading to all of you, my Brilyantes!)

Avria, on the other hand, was uttering more spells to keep the Brilyantes in her possession.


  • Deshna will now be written in her own name to this and in the forthcoming plot summaries. However, her other name (Luna) will only be mentioned if that someone has called her that way, just like when Alena calls Ybrahim with his adoptive name (Ybarro).

Video Teaser

Encantadia Teaser Ep00:31

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 187 Paghaharap nina Cassiopea at Avria

Cassiopea and Avria face each other.

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