Secret is the 22nd episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The episode is the continuation of Chapter 22. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaLihim.


Asval approached Ybarro upon seeing him and told him that he is a Sapiryan; Ybarro didn’t believe him saying he is only a Mandirigma. He then immediately returns to the Adjantao to ask Apitong about his past. Apitong then told him that he is not only a Sapiryan and that he is Prinsipe Ybrahim. Ybarro was furious upon learning that his Mother was killed by Agane and Apitong himself didn’t do anything. In spite of Apitong restraining him, Ybarro went to Sapiro with Pako and Wantuk, promising his father that he will return.

At Lireo, Cassiopea saved a Lirean couple, ordering them to warn Amihan about the Hathorian’s disturbance towards Lireo. Before leaving, Amihan ordered Hitano that he and Alena will be in charge of Lireo while she and Danaya are away. “Lira” then approaches Amihan giving her a bracelet she made with a Dama. Later, Pirena asks “Lira” to do everything so Amihan will be contented towards her and not ending up the same way her Auntie Pirena endured. In the journey of Amihan, Danaya, and Aquil, they encountered the Hathor. Adhara arrives at the battle and was surprised that Amihan can see her. Adhara then reported what happened to Arde, who told him that the air doesn’t hide anything to Amihan telling her to be more careful. While Amihan consults Imaw about the Ivtre.

Back at the Human World, Mira apologizes to Amanda while Amanda, in return, apologizes to her actions towards her and for blaming her towards Dodong’s death. Berto asks Mila about her vanishing and Muyak but Mila denies it. Amanda threatens to expel Berto if he keeps intimidating Mila. After the funeral of Dado, Berto asked forgiveness to Mila, promising that he will change.

Later, Pirena warns Amihan to pay more attention towards the living that will hurt her more, much to Amihan’s confusion. Adhara continues to take the soul of the good willed Encantados, feeling that her strength is regaining and that her revenge is near.

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