There are numerous weapons in the realm of Encantadia.

2005 - 2006


A bladed scepter/god weapon that once belonged to Ether and was passed on to Reyna Avria.


The golden sword forged by Cassiopea that was given to Lira after she met her mother.


Spear of Alena which is passed on to Armea after her mother's death.

Hathorka/Hathor Sword

Hathorka Hathor Sword

2016 - 2017

Weapons wielded by Protagonists/Antagonists

Amihan's feather sword

- Weapon of Amihan (I)


- Staff of Adhara


- magical twin-bladed wand that was originally wielded by Queen Avria, now at the hands of Cassiopeia.


- sword of Queen Mine-a


- forged by Sang'gre Cassiopeia, was given to Sang'gre Lira


- the weapon of Lakan


- created by Emre, wielded by Sang'gre Mira

Bertud ni Ether

- created by Ether to aid Hagorn, after Hagorn's death it was returned to Ether

Weapons of minor characters

Hathorian weapons

Hathorian Weapons

Hagorn ordering Agane to hand-out the newly forged weapons

Hathorian weapons are weapons of good quality for Hathors are well-known as the best blacksmiths of Encantadia. These weapons can be exchanged for a very huge amount of money because the metals they use are very rare. The metal deposit/mine of Hathoria is very rich of rare metals that they use to forge their weapons, the "red metal" which they most commonly use in forging weapons is also a very rare kind of metal.

Types of Weapons

God Forge/God Weapons

A God weapon is created by the Gods.

Blood Forge

A blood forge weapon links itself to its master by blood or lineage. An example of a blood forged weapon is the Elores.

Spirit Forge

Spirit forge weapons are those who choose their masters. A combatant's skills are enhanced if he or she holds a spirit forge. An example of a spirit forged weapon is the Arkrey.

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