Liwanag (English: Light) is the 188th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaLiwanag.


In Hathoria

Hara Pirena asked her father Hagorn what did the Opressive Bathaluman whispered on him. The Rama Duri-e however, said she does not need to know about it. The Hara then asked if his Bathaluman have also told him about how her daughter is already dead, and she was killed by Avria and the others. After hearing this, Hagorn was outraged, and kept repeating that Avria has slain his daughter. The Bathalumang Ether, however said that her death along with the others were needed to happen, especially that the Diwatas will only use her against them and Avria. As a veteran of the past wars, Hagorn would understand those things. Pirena angrily shouted that her daughter is not a pawn, but the Rama Duri-e's own blood, whom he wanted to be the successor of Hathoria, so there is no reason for him to fell into the Bathaluman and Avria's sweet words. Already angry as well, Hagorn stopped her daughter and put his sword near her. He then told her to leave. Pirena once again pleaded to her father, saying that he did not became a father for her before, and she is hoping that now he would remember her and her grand-daughter whatever his decision is. She then begged to Hagorn to absolve his past sins and wrongdoings and to ally with them this time, which is the reason why she asked Danaya to not kill him before, for she is still hoping that he would change. As the Hara said that she needs her father now more than ever, Hagorn kept telling her to leave before he could hurt her. Pirena kept on pleading, and the Bathaluman said to him to think what she had told him thoroughly, for she promises that she will make it happen. The Rama Duri-e then reiterated his previous statement. Ether also had enough, and she forcibly shoot power on the Hara, making her vanish. Hagorn then remembered what the Bathaluman had offered her.

Hagorn's Flashback:
As Hagorn asked what would be the Bathalumang Ether's gift to him if he choses to join them. The Snake then whispered to him, saying that she will let him see someone that he was longing to be with: Deshna, his daughter to LilaSari.

The Rama Duri-e has finally made his decision, and he will ally with the Bathaluman and her disciple Avria if she is willing to give him his daughter from LilaSari.

In Etheria

Hara Avria was still trying her best to stop the Hara Duri-e Cassiopea from taking back the Brilyantes from her possession. The Diwata then pleaded to them again.

Kilalanin niyo akong muli, kayong ginawa para sa kabutihan! Sumama kayong muli sa akin!
(Recognize me once again, all of you that were made for the good! Come with me once again!)

As the two struggled, the power between them ultimately blew up, with Cassiopea flying away like a whirlwind out their sight. When the smoke cleared between them, Hera Andora asked where was the 'warkang Diwata' (witch Diwata), and Avria replied that she was already gone and she cannot feel her anymore. Asval on the other hand, was relieved that he and the Heran have not been took by her, and that she failed to do her purpose of coming there. The Hara told them wrong, and she showed the Brilyantes, without the Brilyante ng Lupa. This meant Cassiopea managed to take it back from her.

After seeing this, Asval then commented that now, the Diwatas have the three Brilyantes in their possession while they only have two. They are now outnumbered and would be defeated. Andora also added that soon after, they will not hesitate to wage war against Etheria. The Hara agreed with them, while Asval added that now that Amarro is gone, they would need someone who could help them lead their army against their enemies. The Heran then said that it was Hagorn she read from the Mashna's mind, and Asval made it clear that the Rama Duri-e of Hathoria have many experiences when it comes to wars. He knows that strengths and weaknesses of the Diwatas and it would be a huge help for Hagorn to be their ally. Avria then told the two to let their Bathaluman convince him and commanded them to call their armies for now. They must ready for the upcoming war against their enemies.

Later on back in the throne room, Asval and Andora have returned from their surveillance, reporting to Avria of what they have seen. The Hara then said that she was not wrong of her speculation to them, that now that they have took back the other Brilyante, they now have the guts to wage war against them. Asval then replied that their army are ready, but it seems that they cannot find LilaSari. After learning this, Avria cursed in disgust, and she assumed that her Mashna has been taken away by Amarro. However, they do not matter for her anymore, for she does not want useless people. She then commanded her two Mashnas to bring their army near their first watch tower and from there, wait for the enemies' attack. The Heran however, ask where her Hara is going, and she was answered by Avria that she had an idea on how to take advantage from the Diwatas and wanted to see if she would succeed.

In the Forest

As LilaSari and Amarro walked through the night, they stopped and the Mashna kneeled and took sand from the earth. Amarro smiled, saying to the Diwata that they are nearing to the Stream of Truth and soon enough, they will arrive there. LilaSari expressed her excitement to finally know about the truth of her past and thanked the Mashna for doing it. Amarro then stood up, held her hand, and told her that he will do everything for her to be happy along with her daughter, one thing that he doe not experience anymore, because his son Aquil became distant from him. LilaSari felt sorry to what Amarro said, but she asked him to get going so they could arrive immediately to the stream he was talking about.

On the other side of the forest near Etheria, Deshna was cooking food for her and the Hadezar, Hitano. As she ate, he advised her that she cannot remain there forever, for it is dangerous especially that time where Avria's soldiers are around. He asked the young Diwata for them to return to Lireo, but Deshna replied that she is still angry at the Diwatas and she does not want to see them. Hitano however said to forget all her grudges against them, because he already explained why they have to take her away from LilaSari and give to Helgad: to keep her as a secret. Not backing away, Deshna declared that she will only return to Lireo if she finally had her revenge on Avria and if she had finally found her real mother. The Hadezar answered that they must find LilaSari, and he will her do it. As he told her to quickly finish her food, the Bathalumang Ether appeared before them. Deshna and Hitano took their weapons, but she reviled them, saying that they are no match against a Bathaluman. Hitano however, thought otherwise for he said that even a Bathaluman can be hurt as well. He then asked her speak and what does she wanted, and Ether pointed on the young Diwata, asking her to come with her. Deshna asked why, and the Bathaluman replied that she will introduce her to her true father. As he asked about it, Hitano stopped her, saying that she is only lying and to not believe her. Ether attacked the Hadezar, leaving Deshna unharmed. She once again offered her to come with the Bathaluman but the young Diwata tried to run away. She was then stopped by Ether, saying she cannot escape from her. As Deshna reiterated her disagreement, the Bathaluman forcibly took her by wrapping herself to Deshna. The two then vanished, leaving Hitano alone.

In the Stream of Truth

After a long journey, LilaSari and Amarro reached a stream, where he introduced it as the Batis ng Katotohanan (or the Stream of Truth). He then said that it is now time for her to swim into its waters for she will see there all the memories that Avria erased from her. As she looked at the Mashna with fear, she proceeded to go into the stream, and was immediately reminded of all the memories she had:

LilaSari's Flashback:
The Bandidos brought LilaSari, Hitano, and the infant Deshna to the Human Realm to hide themselves from Hagorn's wrath. She then hoped for this world to be kind to them and Hitano promised to them that it will be. As they live a normal and ordinary life there, she felt happiness and purpose of staying alive because of him and Deshna, but it soon went away when Hagorn found out where they are hiding through Aquil, leading to Hitano's death and the Hathor taking her daughter and almost killing her. As she returned to Encantadia, LilaSari fought Hagorn and his soldiers to take back Deshna but she failed, prompting her to ask help from her adoptive mother Cassiopea. After almost finding her daughter, LilaSari fell into the hands of the Bathalumang Ether, erasing her memory and giving her to Hara Avria of Etheria to be one of her Mashnas.

As LilaSari wept in anguish, she also remembered how she was stabbed by her own daughter for killing her adoptive mother, Helgad and was also reminded how Hitano told her many times that Deshna is her daughter. Soon after, Amarro followed her into the waters and asked her why is she crying. She then declared that she could remember everything about her: that she has a daughter and it was Deshna. As the Mashna told her that Luna and Deshna was the same person, she realized that this was the reason why she had a good feeling on her. After embracing Amarro, she asked him to come with her and find Deshna so they could finally be together again. He agreed and finally left the Stream of Truth.

In Lireo

Cassiopea was waiting in the throne room when Hara Danaya and her damas arrived in her night robes, asking what was the Hara Duri-e doing there in the middle of the night. She added what was the reason of calling for her presence and how important it was that it could not wait in the morning. Cassiopea then brought Danaya's Brilyante in front of her, which surprises the Hara. as Cassiopea handed it over to her, she then asked how did the Hara Duri-e managed to retrieve it, and she replied that she took down the Hara of Etheria, but she only managed to get her Brilyante, but not the other two, especially that they already recognize Avria as their keeper. Danaya then concurred that it is not important for now, because taking back the Hara's Brilyante is already enough. She then thanked Cassiopea, but the Hara Duri-e said that it is not enough to pay for what happened to the new keepers. She then promised to the Hara of the Diwatas that she will not let them fail again, and they will win this war, for the sake of those who died.

In the corridors of the palace, Hara Pirena arrived as the Punjabwe Azulan passed by. He stopped in his tracks and greeted his beloved Hara, asking where she went. Pirena then informed him that he just met her father Hagorn, which surprises the Punjabwe, for he had just heard that he was alive and escaped Lireo. As Azulan became relieved that Pirena was not hurt, the Hara was thinking otherwise, so she could finally forget that he is her father. Hagorn has not changed, and what only concerns him is himself and his well-being. As she lamented on what happened to her, Azulan approached her and held her face. As Pirena looked at her, he said that if Hagorn only brings her bitterness and pain, then it would be best for her to forget him as her father. Azulan then made it clear that he does not want her to feel anymore displeasure. However, Pirena replied that there is no more pain that could bring her than when her daughter Mira died. She then wondered what did Ether promised to Hagorn that prompted him to choose the Bathaluman and not her.

Back in the throne room, Danaya and Cassiopea were standing behind the throne when the other leaders of Encantadia (Hara Pirena, Sang'gre Alena, and Rama Ybrahim), with the Sapiryan Mashnas (Mayca and Kaizan) and other soldiers of Envantadia arrived. The Sang'gre asked why they were summoned, while the Rama of Sapiro added if there is trouble once again, and if Avria have done anything against them. With a smile, the Hara of the Diwatas showed them her Brilyante, surprising the leaders. Nunong Imaw then said that it was a good news for them to retake the Brilyante, for it could give at least a little light to the dark times they were experiencing. Ybrahim then asked how she managed to do it, and she replied that it is because of Cassiopea. Pirena, who is still has a grudge with the Hara Duri-e, asked why she has not been able to take back all of them, since she have the ability to do it. She then added that maybe 'the Eye' wanted another life to be lost from them once again. Irate, Cassiopea suggested to the Hara that if she will only remove the hatred within her, she would answer her promptly. Danaya then revealed to them the Brilyantes did not came to the Hara Duri-e, because she speculates that maybe the Brilyantes of Hangin and Diwa have finally accepted Avria as their keeper, especially that they fell under her spell. Pirena then said that the fight will not be fair anymore, for they have three of the two Brilyantes. They were just only waiting for her duamte (or formal) agreement in order for the three kingdoms to start the war against Etheria. Danaya then said that she has no other choice but to declare war against them and Sang'gre Alena also agreed with this as well. Ybrahim then commanded the soldiers to inform all of the other kingdoms of Encantadia that from that moment on, the three kingdoms will fight against Etheria. Alena also said that the territory of Adamya will also join, while Pirena declared that the kingdom of Hathoria is finally ready. Nunong Imaw then declared that the unity of the three kingdoms and the territory of Adamya against Etheria will be their strength, for a united force of the light will be hard to defeat even with a strong force of darkness. The leaders then looked at each other as they ready to prepare for battle.

Moments afterwards, Cassiopea appeared at the room where the bodies of the Sang'gres Lira and Mira, Wahid and Gilas were kept. As she looked on the Retres around them, the Hara Duri-e approached the protection of the Sang'gres and put her hand inside it, taking some of Lira's hair strands. She then walked away, saying that with the help of the Sang'gre's hair, a new hope for Encantadia will be born.

Meanwhile, Mashna Muros, along with Abog visited some of the soldiers on one of the watchtowers of the palace. One of them told her that the Lambanas are ready. Muros then told them that their Hara's decision has finally came, and they will wage war against Etheria along with the other kingdoms. He then commanded them to let the Lambanas know about it, as well as to the other citizens of Encantadia. Not far from Lireo, Asval and Hera Andora were spying on the land when they saw the Lambanas forming the sigils of Lireo, Sapiro, and Hathoria. They realized that the three kingdoms have finally declared war against Etheria. As the Heran said that war is coming, they vanished and returned to their land to informed their Hara Avria of the impending battle.

Back in the room of the dead, Pirena was beside the body of her daughter Mira when Nunong Imaw arrived. As the Adamyan asked why has she asked for his presence, the Hara said that until then she has not understand what has happened in Cassiopea's Island. She then asked the Nuno to use her staff of Balintataw in order for her to see the events. Nunong Imaw advised against it, for what happened was too violent and it will only hurt herself. As he was still talking, Pirena insisted to see all of it, so it could strengthen what she was fighting for. The Nuno hesitatingly agreed, but he advised her again to be calm for it would only bring her pain on what she will see.

Flashback of the Balintataw:
As Lira and Mira readied themselves to fight against the Mashnas, who finally got back on their feet, they were about to defeat them but the Heran put them into her spell, disabling them to make a movement. Asval put his battle axe on Lira's neck, who dared him to try and hit her. The Mashna however, said that he knows about the Sang'gre's secret so he will not strike her instead. She then turned her axe to Mira, who was also paralyzed, and he then drove his weapon to the Sang'gre's back, wounding her. As Lira screamed in disdain, Mira let go of her sword and immediately fell into the ground.
After Mira's fall, Lira attacked Asval and Andora (whom she blamed that because of her, she could not save her cousin), the Heran eventually controlled the Sang'gre's mind, disabling her to move again. Asval then asked the Heran to turn Lira around, so she could witness what he will about to do her cousin. The Mashna grabbed the dying Mira from the ground and brought her in front of the Sang'gre. Moments later, Asval used his battle axe to finally slit Mira's throat, ultimately killing the Sang'gre. Lira shouted her cousin's name as she fell into the ground, lifeless. Andora let go of her hold to the Sang'gre, and Lira approached Mira's dead body, grieving.

As the Hara of Hathoria looked on what her daughter and her niece's fate was, she realized that it was Asval (who killed her mother Mine-a) also killed them mercilessly. She then blasted fires of rage across the room as Nunong Imaw tried to calm her down. While she was weeping in hatred and disgust, the Adamyan chief asked her for this to not get the best of her. After a few moments, the Hara became calm again, but still enraged at the Mashna who took her daughter away from her.

Moments later, Cassiopea and Nunong Imaw were talking about the Hara Pirena's rage in the room of the dead. The Nuno admitted that he was not able to contain the Hara's hatred earlier when she saw what happened in the island using his Balintataw. Cassiopea then said that the Hara will be more angry at her, while the Nuno replied that she was not the one who killed Mira and the others. The Hara Duri-e insisted, saying that she might did it too, after leaving them alone in the island and she will bring this feeling for the rest of her life. The Nuno then told her that all of them make mistakes, even the one who is wanting to become a Bathaluman like her. He then advised Cassiopea to forgive herself. As they were talking, a different Retre arrived behind the Hara Duri-e which Nunong Imaw saw. As the Nuno wondered where it came from, it landed on Cassiopea's palm, then moved away. Imaw then realized that the Retre want them to follow it. The two then immediately followed.

Back in the throne room, Rama Ybrahim and the other leaders of Encantadia were making their plans to attack the kingdom of Etheria, and camp where they could see all the movements of the enemies. As they agreed with each other, Hitano arrived and immediately went to their presence. Sang'gre Alena asked why is he alone and why Deshna is not with him, reminding him to stay close to her at all times. The Hadezar then reported that in an unfortunate event, she was taken from him by the Bathalumang Ether. He does not have an idea of what she will do to her but she has abducted the daughter of LilaSari. After learning this, Hara Danaya asked the Rama and the Sang'gre to take care of the things of planning for the war, while she will go and find Deshna. Pirena however, stopped her, saying that she should be the one to find her, since it is her younger sister. Hitano offered to come as well and the Hara concurred.

In Hagorn's Hideout

Hathor soldiers walked around the camp as the Rama Duri-e Hagorn looks at his weapon, the Bertud ni Ether. As he wields it, he expressed his happiness to be reunited with his weapon and laughed in amusement. Moments later, the Bathalumang Ether, along with Deshna, has arrived in his hideout and then presented to Hagorn her daughter. The Rama Duri-e then uttered the name of her daughter 'Deshna', and the young Diwata approached her. She then remembers that the name she said was the one the Diwatas told her as her real name, and asked if he knows her. The Bathalumang Ether then revealed that it was Hagorn, her true father. As they at each other, the Rama Duri-e tried to approach Deshna but she warned her. She then asked what if they were only fooling her and what is the proof of him being her father. The Bathaluman then turned Deshna in front of her and asked her to look straight in her eyes to find out who he is. The young Diwata saw her mother LilaSari and Hagorn getting married and how he was conceived and was named 'Deshna'. She also saw how the Nymfa Helgad changed her name to 'Luna' to hide her from the Diwatas and their enemies. The Bathaluman once again asked her if she still have doubts on who the Hathor is. Hagorn then said that he waited for a long time to see her. He was separated from her for long and now that she is already now in his presence surprises him. He then asked why Deshna was having second thoughts. Hagorn then commanded her to embrace him and she slowly approached him. As the two shared an embrace and with the Bathaluman looking on them, both have tears in their eyes.

In the Forest Near Devas

As the creatures and the Retres lead Cassiopea and Nunong Imaw to a place in the forest, they soon saw an Encantado, sitting on a rock. The man recognizes their names, and he expressed how happy he was to see them. He then commanded his pets to leave them alone for a while and they immediately followed his command. Curious, the Nuno asked who he was. The Encantado then told them that he was once a Bathala, until he was betrayed by the Bathalas Arde, Ether, and Keros. They expelled him from the land of Devas, as well as stripping him of his powers. The Hara Duri-e finally realized who the Encantado was: it was the former Bathala, Emre. As Cassiopea said the name, he finally revealed himself as Emre, making the Diwata and the Nuno curious on what happened to the Bathala they have been following before.


  • The episode title was derived from Imaw's lines. One of his lines say that the return of Danaya's Brilyante gives them light on their dark days. Another of his lines say that a Force of Light cannot be defeated even by a Forced of Darkness.

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