The Mandirigmas are a group of forest warriors that lived in the north-east sector of Adamya, however, they do not own the territory and they are considered as informal settlers until Queen Amihan gave them the land later on. No one in the four regions of Encantadia seem to trust them as they swore allegiance to no one but themselves. They are also bandits, they take anything from anyone who dare walk into their sector and event from those out of their sector.

The Mandirigmas don't trust the royalties of the four regions of Encantadia because they think the royalty considers themselves superior to everyone in Encantadia. They hid in the forest hoping to avoid being captured by the soldiers of the Royal Families or worse, being killed. Although, they do know how to fight since Ybarro, Wantuk and Pako managed to defeat the Hathor soldiers while stealing the treasure from Hathoria.

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