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Minastasia[1] is a recurring character in the Filipino fantasy-themed television saga Encantadia produced by GMA Network.


Minastasia is the wife of the former king of Sapiro Armeo and the mother of Ybarro

Encantadia (Book 1)

Minastasia is the queen of Sapiro before the kingdom's downfall during the war between Sapiro and Hathoria. She and a group of Sapiryan soldiers fled Sapiro in the middle of the ongoing war. Unknowingly, a group of Hathors were waiting to ambush them. Minastasia is stabbed by one of the Hathors. Apitong tried to rescue her but she is at the point of her death entrusts her son to Apitong asking him to take care of him. She makes appearances later in Devas and in the ending of Book 1.


  • Her counterpart in Encantadia (2016) is Mayne their only differences are Mayne is a minor character while Minastasia is a recurring character and the way they died is relatively close but different.


  1. Encantadia, Episode 89. Armeo calls his wife "Minastasia," but it is uncertain if this is her name or an Enchant word for one's beloved. She is elsewhere credited as Mayne.

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