The Minokawa.

The Minokawa is a gigantic bird (borona) that was once defeated by the Diyosang Sandawa, she trapped it in the Volcano of Balaak in Encantadia.

Connection to Encantadia

Mulawin vs. Ravena

Minokawa (also known as Borona) is a mysterious creature that was forced to reside in Encantadia. Balasik refers to it as the most powerful creature in the world.

It is said that goddess Sandawa had kept this creature in Encantadia in order to prevent the chaos.

Upon awakening from a volcano, the Minokawa attacked and incinerated two Hathor soldiers. Hara Pirena appears and fights it personally. The Minokawa fled from the Fire Gem, and conjured a Sky Portal to travel to the human world.

The Minokawa also incinerated one of the three Tagubas it encountered in the forest.

The Minokawa was released when Daragit used the Balasik.

Almiro and his group, along with Gabriel and Greco battled the Minokawa. After their attempt efforts to defeat the Minokawa, Gabriel theorizes about the weakness of Minokawa, the water. Gabriel and Greco managed to swim into the lake so that Minokawa could chase them in the lake, as a plan in order to defeat it. They seemingly managed to defeat the Minokawa, however its flame is restored as it rose up from the lake.

Pirena soon knew (with the help of Imaw) the weakness of the Minokawa: the Ruwido, a powerful weapon that can defeat the gigantic bird, which is guarded by Tres Aves in Mount Latukan.


The remains of the Minokawa.

The Minokawa was finally killed by Anya using the Ruwido (powered up with the Mystic Jewel or Mahiwagang Hiyas), with the assistance of Almiro, Gabriel, Pagaspas, Lawiswis, Malik, Pirena and Lira. When it fell, only its bones and heart remained. Pirena expected that it could revive, so she decides to bring back some of the bones to Encantadia, so that the bones of the Minokawa will not be united in the same place.

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