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Mulawins are a race of avian creatures in the Philippine television fantasy series of the same name and also in the Encantadia saga, produced by GMA Network.


Mulawins are winged humanoid creatures/avian beings.


There are special flutes (Mulawin Flutes) that summons a Mulawin everytime you play it, Mulawins will respond to the call and will aid whoever holds it. The Lirean Queen has one and also does Danaya's father, Enuo. During Queen Pirena and King Hagorn's reign, Hagorn knew that the Mulawins are faithful to Amihan and they still think of her as queen, so Hagorn along with the Hathors (without Pirena and Gurna) attacked the Mulawins and killed every one of them (except Pagaspas who fled from battle, and Lakan who is probably still at the Human World at that time). Pirena did not know about this until Hagorn and the Hathors went back to the Lirean Castle after the Hathor-Mulawin battle and gave Pirena a bag of feathers from the Mulawins' wings, in shock, Pirena dropped the bag but she knew that she can do nothing else.


  • In the 2016 requel, Mulawins uses a different portal if they would travel from Encantadia to the Mortal World or vice-versa, it is called the Lagusang Panghimpapawid, it was introduced by Lakan in the episode Kakayahan. Only they use it because the intensity of the winds in the sky is very strong no other creature can take it.
  • Pagaspas (Miguel Tanfelix) and Lakan (Alden Richards) are the only remaining Mulawins and are the only Mulawins who appeared in the series.

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